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California Private Colleges:


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California Baptist University, Santa Ana

California College of the Arts, San Francisco

California College San Diego For-profit (CCSD)

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia,

California Institute of Integral Studies, SFO

California Institute of Technology, Cal Tech, Pasadena

California InterContinental University online)

California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks

California Miramar University, Formerly Pacific Western

California National University (online) Technical and Business

California Pacific University, Escondito

California South Bay University, Sunnyvale

California Southern Law School, Riverside

California Southern University, Santa Ana

California University of Management and Science

California University of Management and Technology, Santa Clara

Chapman University, Orange

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Willowbrook

Claremont Colleges

Claremont Colleges

Claremont Consortia

  • Claremont McKenna College

  • Harvey Mudd College

  • Pitzer College

  • Pomona College

  • Scripps College

  • Claremont Graduate School

  • Claremont School of Theology
  • Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale

    Concordia University , Irvine(California)

    Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, St. Helena

    Association of California Private Colleges and Universities

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