Free College Textbooks

In the past few years more and more free textbook sites have come online. These sites include the Classics, text books, some contemporary literature, science and philosophy books, and everything else.

You can download free college textbooks, and then load them on your mobile device.

We can all be happy about this, but remember, if none of us purchase books, no one will write them. Writers have to eat and pay rent.

Deep Web Search for (all kinds of ) books online

Many Internet users are unaware of the "Deep Web". Doing a search on this phrase will bring you lists of search engines that go way beyond Google or other regular search engines. When I say "way beyond", I mean 500 times the results of regular engines.

Look for free text books on your Kindle, Nook, or other eBook.If you are assigned classics for college reading,for instance, you can usually find them listed on your eBook books sections. On Am0pazon you can find free, or low cost books for your Kindle.

Try this one for books and eBooks: Deep Web Search for free college textbooks and ebooks

Free college textbooks?

College textbooks are very expensive, costs per year can exceed $1000.00, and over the four to five year period you spend as an undergrad, you may be looking at $5,000-$6000.

Amazing Site! Free everything including text books, courses, name it. Don't miss this site.

No Worries, You Have Options

  • Wait a few weeks after the class starts to see if the professor actually uses the text book.
  • Check out the library's supply of texts books.
  • Don't purchase textbooks until you are sure you will be staying in the class. LI>Take the time to study this entire page. Anytime you want to circumvent the system, it may take a bit more time. In this case, you may have to search for what you want, and you may not always find it, but saving hundreds on textbooks is worth your time.


  • Look Online for FREE Textbooks.

  • Then Download FREE College Textbooks!

  • If you can't find "free textbooks" in your subjects, check out cheap textbooks links also listed below.

About downloadable free college texts, other books, magazines...

  • Gutenberg, first producer of free electronic books
  • On Gutenberg site: Download the plucker version of any eBook and

    read it on your Palm organizer or smartphone.

Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library has links to hundreds of full-text books, magazines, and newspapers on an amazing variety of subjects.This site is not to be confused with the Free Internet Internet Library.

Both are great sources

TextBooks Online: great resource

Buy or rent your tesxtbooks, save thousands...

Bartleby, Thousands of eBooks and Magazines - free

Google Scholar: "Stand on the Shoulders of Giants"

The Google Scholars site offers an ever-increasing database of free academic articles and eBooks. If your assigned college curriculum requires an over-priced packet of photocopied articles, check to see if the material is available from Google before forking over the cash.

You can request articles in all subject matters, or request articles in specific subject areas:

  • Biology, Life Sciences, and Environmental Science
  • Business, Administration, Finance, and Economics
  • Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics
  • Medicine, Pharmacology, and Veterinary Science
  • Physics, Astronomy, and Planetary Science
  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

  • Online free math textbooks

    At Free books, if its not free, its cheap.

    1800 Student: free used textbooks, also children's books and others

    Textbooks for less: cheap college textbooks

    The PENDULUM makes free college textbooks available

    Free text for Linear Algebra-great applications

    Used and free textbooks online

    Free textbooks Internet Library - links to free textbooks sites

    Free Internet Public Library has free online textbooks and resources on a huge variety of subjects including literature, business, math, science, poly sci.- the list goes on.... Site also contains links to other free textbook web sites. Check it out!

    Don't forget your local library. They have all kinds of helpful material, including text books, downloadable study guides for tests, and eBook fiction.

    Freeloader Press-free text books

    Free Physics and Astronomy Textbooks

    Buy College Textbooks at up to 90% off

    Online Medical Textbooks, free or cheap

    Free College Education Online

    NYU site for undergrads and grad students, with lecture notes, free texts, videos, for math and science

    Search on Google for more Free Textbook anhd Cheap Textbook sites


    Sometime, you may have to purchase a textbook! If you can't find free college textbooks, read on:

    Before you buy any textbook, on line or at a college bookstore, check out the following two sites.

    Albris "connects to hundreds of independent booksellers around the world, finding you some of the best prices on used and new textbooks. Want to save on shipping? Run an Alibris search to see if there’s a local bookstore that will allow you to pick up the book you’re looking for." (From

    Albris-used, new books, links

    Compare allows you to enter the title of any college textbook in their search engine and it instantly displays a list of on-line bookstores and their prices.

    Don't miss this site!


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