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College Advantage is a college admissions consulting firm in Northern California, with clients in many parts of the United States. We specialize in helping high school students and their parents with the college acceptance process, college life after acceptance, and help for those going on to grad school.

***************************************************************** Because it is an important component of the college admissions process, we also offer one-one one, on-line classes in high school and junior college fiction and informational writing.

Our classes include regular English-class high school students, plus Honors and AP English Language students:

Write: Susanna@everything-about-college.com for information about online writing classes for regular and AP English, and the process of writing winning essays for those college applications. ****************************************************************

Our students have been accepted at schools throughout the United States and Canada, as well as England.

This Web site is packed with all the information you will need as you begin your path to college, or graduate school. It is designed to be relevant for college planning wherever you live if you are planning on applying to colleges in the United States or Canada. It is our hope that you will find these pages to be straightforward and helpful as you begin planning for your future.


We recommend a family meeting with an admissions consultant at the end of the eighth grade year, if possible, so students get an early look at high school and what "going to college" really means. For parents, this visit can clarify the steps you and your student will be taking in about two years, starting, by the beginning of the junior year. In addition, a meeting with an admissions counselor will help you decide on appropriate classes for soon-to-be high school freshman.

Remember that Grades, test scores, and essays are the most important parts of your applications. Contact us for tutoring in math, English writing, history, or SAT/ACT Exam success.

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