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If you want to go to college, now or later, Everything-About-College, a complete college admissions site, is the place for you. WE are happy to help you in person, but this website is a complete, DIY resource.

1. Unique: no other single site on the web has everything you need for college admissions: all the information anyone needs to navigate the college process.

2. Completely free. 3. Up-to-date with latest info for college planning and admissions. 4. RSS Feed to keep current


In the olden days (when your parents went off to get an education), the college applications and admissions process consisted of:

  • Getting decent grades
  • Taking the SAT tests (without studying),
  • Filling out a one or two page application
  • Sending transcripts
  • Showing up with your checkbook.
  • Oh, yes, and maybe finding a place to live before your first day on campus.

  • No more!

    Some things always stay the same: it is still grades, test scores, essays, then extracurricular, especially volunteering.and class ranking.

    The process of college applications and admissions these days requires a plan, and a strategy. College Admissions and the has grown more difficult and competitive, and is, over-all, a stress-creating activity.

    The goal of our company is to reduce or eliminate that stress and to help our clients get into the schools of their choice.


    This site is a free, DIY, one-stop-shop college planning and admissions site to help you, on your way to college applications, admissions, education and degrees, wherever you live in the world.

    Everything About College (Education)is an Education Management and College Admissions Consulting firm.

    On these pages you will can find everything you need to do to get into college - for undergraduate or graduate degrees. Our viewers for this Website are located in every country, all over the world.

    • Looking for "Beach Colleges " and "Ski Schools, or "Party Schools?"
    • Need info for athletes,or Performing Arts, public or private education?
    • Looking for Step-by-step guidance for everything?

    • SATs/ACTs - all testing info, AP Info, GMAT,GRE,LSAT,MCAT, Subject Matter
    • Applications
    • Essays
    • Admissions
    • Financial aid
    • Acceptance
    • Health and college survival info.

    • We also provide tutoring services for our clients.

      Also, find information and resources for life while in school, including "Study Abroad," "Safety and Security at College," and saving money..

      Some kinds of college info changes rapidly; for instance financial aid information. We add new materials and information daily to keep these pages current.

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      The goal of our company, and of this web site, is to get our clients into college, and to help others all over the world to navigate the college process.

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