Your Facebook Page, other Social Networking Sites


That info on your Facebook account, your MySpace page...all that info you so freely share?

Well, guess what? College admissions counselors, and prospective employers, increasingly look at your pages. They may ask you for the page address in an interview, or just search until they find you.

You need to remove anything that will not look good to college admissions personnel. Yesterday.

In addition, for your own safety, and protection from Identity Theft, do not put personal information on your pages, such as birth date.

Wall Street Journal: College Applicants, Beware. Your Facebook Page is Showing.

Yes, there is such a thing as Eternal Life. Your social media communications and posts.

Even when you remove your information, or delete your account? It does not get thrown into the trash bin. Information is forever accessible always to our increasingly intrusive, and unconstitutional government>

Employers can access , law enforcement, anyone tech-savvy who wants to look. Even if you closed your account, it lives forever.

You want a top-secret clearance for your job some day? Guess what?

Get rid of the picture and any others on your Facebook page that may put you in a bad light.

And, by the way, any one tech-savvy knows how to go to archive sites and look at old archived web pages. Really, this stuff never goes away.

And, did you know, that right from your Facebook page, a "friend" can scroll back through your previous pages and your previous comments, pictures, your life?

Oh, and, a word in case you are utterly lacking in common sense, don't send nude pictures of yourself to your current heart throb over your cell phone. Those can be uploaded to Facebook in a heartbeat.

You may think that picture of you on your Facebook page, drinking at the high school party demonstrates your level of cool,and your sense of fun, but the college or university of your dreams will not.

Alcohol is a huge problem at colleges and they are making efforts to combat it. Looking at a picture of an under-age drinker will not inspire them to admit that applicant.

From The Wall Street Journal: "High-school guidance counselors advise applicants, even if they restrict public access on their sites, to refrain from including anything that could hurt them in college admissions. They especially caution against foul or offensive language, nudity, or photos of drinking and drug use.

"Students need to be accountable for their actions," says Scott Anderson, director of college guidance at St. George's Independent School, a private school near Memphis, Tenn. When writing on Facebook, Twitter, uploading to You Tube, chatting, he says, they should be thinking, "Is this something you want your grandmother to see?""

See Social Network, the movie, learn about FACEBOOK

Who's Looking at your Facebook Page?

  • Prospective Colleges and Universities

  • Scholarship Awards committees

  • Prospective employers

  • Potential stalkers, rapists, burglars

  • People who specialize in Identity Theft

  • A rival or someone angry with you who will report personal

    information on the page you thought you had protected

  • The (new) U.S. government. The current administration has expanded The Patriot Act to allow domestic spying on citizens.

    Remember that even restricted pages can be seen.

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