Music Composition:

General info: Difference between "college of..." and "school of...": A school is part of a college. My personally opinion is that when deciding between the two classifications, you need to look carefully at what you are getting, and the scope of instruction and breadth offered at each.

Our other performing arts pages list music composition schools. This page is, as much as possible, for those students looking specifically looking for computer music programs using algorithms and advanced software.

The University of California at Santa Cruz has an outstanding program in electronic composition.

See also Johns Hopkins University, USC.

University of Delaware, Columbia...More and more schools are adding programs for those interested in Electronic Music composition.


Check out the Florida schools, and find everything in the Pererson's Guide: Great Source: Peterson's Guide to Performing Arts Schools

Courses of study in Sound and Computer Music, Partial list

Synthtopia List of Music Schools

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Music Majors

All Music Major List

APPLY HERE. ADMISSION APPLICATIONS for all Public Colleges in the United States

You Tube: Major Developments in Computer Music

A Career Guide for Music Majors

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