APUSH, Advanced Placement United States History

Welcome to Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH).

On this site you will find information, or links to information, that will help you manage your AP American History class, and help you to a 5 on the national exam.

Found here: APUSH Resources for material, subject matter, exams, essays, maps, and information about the historical thinking skills you need for AP World History, and for AP United States History.

The College Board - get to know this site.

On the College Board Site you will find extensive information about the APUSH class, the tests, and writing the essays.

Also, on their site, the College Board has modified lists of all old essay questions, going back for years. While the style and requirements of the test questions have recently changed, you can still learn from studying the topics, and the ideas students are required to develop and write about.

College Board, APUSH Course Overview Course Details - a complete list

Teacher Resources, don't miss this, material by teachers, for teachers, that anyoen can use! Great for extra knowledge.

Online Resources for APUSH Students

Gilder Lehrman Institute for American Studies (Awesome)P> US History Resources Website, by teacher and study guide author

APUSH Teacher Resources and Test Prep

Amazing, Award-winning Teacher created Web site for History:APUSH

In the End, you should Ask Albert

Study Guides

Don't buy any APUSH Study Guides written before 2017. Check cover - it should say "2017" or later, on the cover of whatever study guide you purchase. You want the latest information on the tests.

There are many good ones - go to Amazon for selection and price - or to your local bookstore.

If you have older Study Guides, use the questions to study for the multiple choice, (mc) part of your exam questions.

Invaluable to you. Look also at the U.S. History special publications connected to your text book, including History Flash Cards, and special publications related to your text book.

Remember, all Study Guide contain exams, including essay prompts and help. I recommend buying at least two publications. Today's study guides usually have additional, online tests for students who purchase their materials.

Barrons Guide and Flash Cards

Kaplan, Oldest Test-Prep Company in the World

The Princeton Review

McGraw-HIll has excellent APUSH Study Guides, they sell on Amazon, where you can find the above listed guides as well.

Free, extra text books for APUSH, APWH, Government, SAT II History Exams

Free History Textbooks: US, WH, Government

Free history ebooks

APUSH EXAMS, Tests, essays

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