Were you WaitListed?

April 23, 2012, Chicago Tirbune Article on Waitlisting


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Waitlisted: Tips to Increase Your Chances

First, you should have back up schools you applied to.

  • If on a wait list at your school of choice, Contact the Admissions Office to learn what steps you can take, or to have them explain the process of that school, to you.

    Ask if they can tell you why your application wasn’t accepted.

  • Were your test scores low?
      Were your extracurricular activities what the school was looking for

      Did the college accept students by numbers of applicants who, say, excelled in sports, or another particular talent?

    By politely asking questions, you can obtain information that will help you assess the reasons your application didn’t get you accepted, and you’ll be better able to address the issue.

    Try to learn how the school manages their wait list.

  • Does the school rank applicants?
  • Does this college use high school class rankings?If using their own ranking system, where were you ranked on the list?
  • Can the admissions office give you an idea of your chances of getting off the wait list and being accepted.

    Some Truths:

    Money, Financial Aid, and the Waitlist:

    Money can tip the Waitlist scale. Colleges area apt to take students off the waitlist who can pay and not ask for financial aid. By the spring, they are unlikely to be taking financial aid students off the waitlist. Their financial aid budget, by this time in the year, is severely depleted, or nonexistent.



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