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U.S. Colleges for Skiing and Ski Programs

College for Skiers

Member Schools: USCSA

NCAA Skiing

Top Five Privates, Top Five Publics:

Remember, lists are subjective.

Top Five Public Colleges and Universities for Skiing while in School

Top Five Privates for Skiing

Comprehensive Lists of Schools with Alpine Skiing

List of Colleges with Men's Alpine Skiing

Colleges with Women's Alpine Skiing

Colleges with Men's Nordic Skiing

Colleges for Women's Nordic Skiing

Colleges with Ski Racing Programs

Our list for some of the best colleges for skiing. Look around, this list could be much longer.

Bates College, Maine

Colby College

Colorado Mountain College

Dartmouth College

Sierra Nevada College: Skiing, and Ski Management.
Four year program based on Mountain Resort industry

University of Colorado

The University of Denver

The University of Vermont

The University of Wyoming

Utah State University

Ski Racing

In the United States, two bodies govern collegiate ski racing, the NCAA and the USCSA.

In the United States, College Ski Racing, as a varsity sport is governed by the NCAA.

The Sports Federation for ski racing and snowboarding is the United States Collegiate and Snowboard Association (USCSA). The kinds of skiing sponsored by the USCSA are:

  • Alpine
  • Cross Country
  • Snowboard Competition

    Colleges and Universities with Ski Racing Programs

    Important links for Skiers

    United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association(USCSSA)

    Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association

    College Snowsport Rankings: Skiing and Snowboarding

    Skiing: College Recruiting, Scholarships

    College Scholarships for Skiers

    Skiers' Scholarships

    How to get College Ski Scholarships

    NCAA Guide for Athletes

    Athletes: Recruiting, Admissions, Financial Aid, Scholarships

    Apply Here: Admission Sites for all U.S. Public Colleges and Universities Google Search Results for College Ski Trips, Ski Vacations

    Top of College Skiing


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