Self Defense for Women

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Self Defense for Women

Self-defense for women - in college, the work place, in our homes, and certainly in relationships. We include special reminders to young women who may have a false sense of security.

  • Just because you feel at home on your college campus does not mean you are safe.

  • Teens tend to be naive. You can't afford that luxery.

  • Your rapist will not always be a stranger. Remember: No means No!

  • Never hesitate to call the police if you are concerned, especially working late in a college building or other environment.

  • Unfortunately, women always need to be on Yellow Alert.

  • All women should take Self-Defense for women classes, and do the follow up check-ups and training.

  • That said, your attacker knows you may fight back, and he is prepared. YOUR BEST DEFENSE IS TO DO YOUR BEST TO AVOID DANGER AND THE SITUATIONS THAT PUT YOU IN HARMS WAY. This includes the use of common sense and awareness.

  • Teen agers, because you have been (hopefully) protected, tend to have a naive view of the world and some elements of the population. Along with this comes an inflated sense of their own ability to deal with frightening situations.

  • Colleges have had to adhere to laws passed in the past decade that require reporting of crimes on campus, but what one college call rape, another might call assault.

    Site for Teens: Self-Defense for Women

    Places College Women are at Risk

    In Your Dorms

  • Keep your room door locked, especially when you are sleeping, and insist that your roommate do the same.
  • Tell someone when you are going out, with whom, and where.

    In your home or apartment

  • Hornet spray by the door
  • I leave a twenty dollar bill in plain site by my front door, and I check it when I come home. An intruder will take it.
  • Motion sensor lights

    Parking lots, especially at night.

  • Park close to the buildings, in well lighted areas.

  • Look under your car when you are far enough away to see anyone who might hide there.

  • Do not hesitate to ask for an escort anytime you feel concern.

  • Have your keys out and ready, laced through your fingers.

  • An extra precaution is to carry a cup of hot coffee

  • Ask a guard to walk out with you

  • If you carry a stun gun or a taser, have it out and ready

  • Keep your cell phone handy, but do not be visiting on it.

    you need to be alert to your surroundings

    College Students and Self-Defense Training

    Night Classes

    Night classes present special circumstances. Don't assume you are safe because there are other college students around. The later in the evening your class, or work in a building ends, the more you are at risk.

  • If possible, walk with a friend back to your residence.
  • Don't accept rides with someone you do not know, or with someone you have "seen around campus."

  • Don't take short cuts that take you off the regular streets and walkways

  • Keep you cell phone in your hand. I recommend carrying Pepper Spray, or Hornet Spray.

  • Call the campus police if you are bothered by someone, nervous about someone (as in following you), or would like an escort to your car or bus late at night.

  • If you are leaving a deserted campus building late at night, always phone for an escort.

    about ten years ago: At a well-known California college about twelve years ago, two girls who had been drinking at a party, accepted the offer of a student who offered to walk them back to their dorms. As they dropped the first girl off at her dorm, she looked off to her left and watched her friend walk on with the man, whom they had never met before the party.

    That was the last time she saw her friend. She went on into her dorm.

    The next day, her friend's battered, raped body was found in the bushes near the victim's dorm. Police had no evidence, and the last I knew, no one had been arrested for the murder, even though everyone was sure that the male party guy, who offered to walk them home, killed her.

    Accosted at Your Car, Self Defense for Women starts with being on the alert!

  • My life long rule, and what I taught my daughters, is that, no matter what threats you receive, DO NOT GET IN TO THE CAR. You are dead for sure once you get into the car.

  • Don't stop your car if someone tries to run you off the road, hit their car if necessary. Do not stop no matter what.

  • If someone is in the car with you, run in to a tree, building, parked car, up onto the side walk, ANYTHING.

  • Get it into your head that very likely your life is at risk here.

  • If your assailant has a weapon, throw your purse or packages toward the hand holding the weapon, and run in the opposite direction, yelling (Fire) and screaming.

    If you have car trouble, phone for help, do not get out of the car. Keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up. If a man stops and offers to help, hold up your hand and tell him to back away. Sounds harsh, but do it anyway.


  • Keep track of your drinks, do not let anyone but an employee to deliver it to your table or booth

  • Stay with your group.
  • Use only your first name.

  • Do not hesitate to call the police if something seems wrong.

  • Do not leave with a man you do not know. If you do leave a bar or party alone, pay attention to your surroundings, and check to see that no one is following you.

  • Do not give strangers your cell phone number, or land line number. (Anyone can find addresses these days, at any of several on line sites.)

  • If you agree to call someone, disable caller ID before you dial.



  • Rape is under-reported, the most under reported crime, in fact.
  • One American is forcibly raped every six minutes.
  • Being married, or in a relationship does not give one partner the right to force the other to have sex.
  • Women ages 16-24 are at the highest risk of being sexually assaulted, four times that of all women.
  • Most rapists are 15-24 years old.
  • More than 90% of all rapes occur in the same race and socio-economic class.
  • 84% of female rape victims knew their rapist.
  • More than 60% of all rapes occur in a person's home.
  • More than 50% of acquaintance rapes occurred in the man's car or home.
  • Rape is not a crime of sexual release: it is a crime of assault, his penis is the weapon.

    Did you know that:

  • Victims of sexual abuse sustained an increase amount of physical injury if they pleaded, cried or tried reasoning.
  • Approximately 50% of women escape attempted sexual assaults if they yell.
  • Approximately 85% of women escape attempted sexual assaults if they vigorously and quickly resist physically.

    These figures are from Women Only Workout - WOW - Greendale, Wisconsin: Women only Workout: WOW

    Some danger signs to watch for:

  • Insists on perfection

  • Shuts you off from friends and family

  • Gets angry with pets, or exhibits cruel or violent behaviour

  • Exhibits signs of being a controller

  • Uses your behavior, or something you did, did not do, or did incorrectly as an excuse to punish you in some way, verbally, emotionally, physically

  • Watch for escalating abuse: anger, then a slight slap, then a push or a shove, a stronger blow, then bruising, facial strikes, broken arm, beatings

  • Sometimes they just start right out with the beatings. Depends.

  • Some men are calculating enough to hide their abuse, so for instance, they do not go for the face. The bruises will be in places that are hidden from view. The broken bones can be explained as some sort of accident.

  • He may apologize each time and promise not to hit you again. He is lying.

  • Women have told me that frequently their abuser started with verbal abuse, which ultimately ruins the self esteem of the victim. Then, either on a parallel course, or later, the physical abuse starts. By this time, the woman is beaten down, submissive, and willing to do anything to keep him from finding an excuse to abuse her again.

  • If this happens to you, you will have to get away. Do yourself a favor, and leave sooner rather than in a body bag.

    What to do. And do it right away, the first time anything happens.

  • Get away. Accept no blame or responsibility for his actions.

  • If your family will help, tell them and go there.

  • Realize that he will not change; he has a cold hard core.

  • If one of your parents was abusive toward the other, then they may buy into the idea that you "deserve it," and give you no support.

  • Call a shelter, get help.

  • These kinds of people have a cold, hard core. They will not change, and you could die.

    Many women put up with this for years, at great personal risk, and finally decide to leave when the man starts in on the children.

    Learn to Defend YOurself - Self Defense for Women

    YouTube Demonstrations of Self Defense Techniques and Tips for Women

    Demonstration: How to Get out of a Front Choke, Women's Sefl Defense

    A Beginner's Guilde to Unarmed Self Defense: Frontal Choke Against a Wall

    Palm Heel Strike - See this technique on YouTube

    Three Easy Self Defense Moves for Women /Men- Learn at Home

    Search on Google "Video" for specific or general self-defense demonstrations.

    Campus Safety and Security

    Should you Fight?

    That is the question.

    Most rapists carry knives, and people are more afraid of knives than guns.In many ways it might be easier to try to deflect a gun that a knife with its kind of threat.

    On the one hand, we can hope that if we cooperate, the asailant will not kill us.

    What if we are wrong?

    Do a web search for self-defense classes your area.

    Drop by these places for a visit.

    Below is a Google Search I did with the words "Self-Defense Classes for Women." Even though I did not specify a location, Google knows I am requesting from within the San Francisco Bay Area, and returned those sites to my browser.

    There are also DVDs and home training systems you can buy.

    Martial Arts Training, specifically those disciplines of Martial Arts that stress self-defense.

    Google Search for self defense classes for women


    Anything you can find

  • Hornet Spray, in your car, by the entry ways of your dwelling. ( I carry Pepper Spray in case I have to discourage those off-leash dogs who are aggressive toward my old dog.) But I carry Hornet Spray for humans-long trajectory, cheap, powerful. After you spray the bad guy, and while you are waiting for the police, you kick him a few times,(he will be on the ground) and tell him what a good time he will have in prison.

  • Hiking or camping, take Hornet or Bear Spray - both have a long, powerful spray, and the bear spray has a double use- just in case there are four legged predators in the woods.

  • Pots, pans, rolling pins

  • Sticks, bats, (remember, you don't strike it overhand with a stick, you ram it at the assailant, aiming for the throat if possible

  • Stun gun

  • Taser: The trouble with tasers is that you have to touch the assailant with the weapon. as compared to a Stun Gun or sprays.

  • Car keys held with the keys sticking outward from your fist.
  • Your body: take self-defense training. Learn to use your arms, elbows, head, feet and legs

  • Facing your opponent: if possible, take the palm of your hand and take an upward thrust into the base of the nose, shoving it at an angle toward the brain. This can be lethal.

  • If you can, if the assailant is behind you and to the side, raise your arm and smash your elbow into his Adams Apple.
  • If you aim injury toward the groin, do it correctly. You want to reach under and grab the testicles, squeezing and twisting.

  • Go for the eyes
  • Don't be squeamish, you life and your health are at stake
  • Guns: this is another matter altogether, and one only you can make decisions about. If you do elect to carry a weapon, do not do so until you have had extensive training and advice, from professionals. In addition, colleges may have gun restrictions.

  • Discuss this with your parents. At college, if you exercise care and common sense, you should be able to keep yourself safe.

    • In addition to any training you do leading to the acquisition of a weapon, you must resolve to practice shooting and handling on a regular basis.

    • Keeping and storage of a weapon is an extremely important consideration.

      Safety on Campus, Self Defense for Women

      Dating and Danger - Learn the Warning Signs to Keep Yourself Safe

      Abusive Personal Relationships

      Are men victims of abuse?

      Yes, they are. However odds are higher for women as victims of violence. Also, the physical differences add to women's risk.

      These pages are for women, who statistically are most often the victim, however men who are in abusive relationships need to seek professional help to remove themselves from the abuse. Identity Theft

      Social Media Sites: Stalkers, people in prisons, rapists, etc. They have a long reach through the web, watching you and your friends..

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