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Be informed, and then search.

The good news is that there are lots of scholarships are out there, and while many require essays, there are a respectable number that require only a filled out form.

While a sizable number of these financial awards are tightly focused on a particular career path, ethnic group, hobby or area of interest, geographic location and other criteria, there is still a huge array of free money out there for students who are willing to put in the time and effort to search and apply for it.

Even though there are huge online databases for you to search or apply to, do not neglect the resources in your community. These excellent opportunities can be very rewarding, and because they are given locally, the process is different, frequently more personal, and there may be less competition.

Do Colleges and Universities Give Scholarships?

Yes, they do, but that is just the beginning.

There are countless online and local sources. On these pages we will identify and explain those sources and point you in the directions you need to go.

Most colleges offer these awards to deserving students, mostly need based and or merit based.

Since colleges administer financial aid packages to students, some of those financial aid packages may contain scholarship aid.

For example, many colleges and universities may offer you a certain amount of money based on a particular threshold score for the SATs or ACT admission tests, or because of your high grade point average.

Private schools generally have more money than public colleges and universities, which is a good thing because private schools usually cost significantly more than public universities.

There are award available that do not require a straight A GPA.

Warning: Watch out for scams

Each year there are over 100,000 reported scholarship "scams". Don't pay money to some company that offers to find these awards for you for a price, or tells you that you need to pay to access certain databases. The philanthropic organizations that provide this money want you to find them and apply.

See what the Federal Trade Commission says about Scholarship Con Artists


(Begin to think of this as a job)

First, look in your community:

After that, search online databases

Athletes see also our Sports Pages: awards, info, NCAA links.

Community Resources for Scholarships

  • School Counseling Office - keep checking the bulletin boards

  • Sports activities

  • Music programs

  • Local newspapers

  • Employers

  • Parent's employers

  • Local Service Organizations, such as Rotary, Soroptomist Clubs, and others

  • Libraries

  • The financial aid office of a local college

  • Churches

  • Corporations such as Wal-Mart, Target,

  • Banks, Savings and Loans

Scholarship Databases

Free, Easy Scholarships

Scholarship Databases: General, Minorities, Athletes, Performing Arts, etc.

Ideas for Scholastic awards related to career interests

  • The Arts

  • Business

  • Education, (including teaching)

  • Engineering

  • Health

  • Humanities and Liberal Arts

  • Mathematics (All fields)

  • Medicine (Physician, Nursing, Veterinary)

  • Science (Environmental)

  • Sciences (Physical, Biological)

  • Social Sciences

  • Vocational Education

General Scholarships - not related to particular criteria

These are plentiful, and are set up and maintained by foundations or particular interest groups. They include those given to members of minorities, or ethnic groups.

Awards for students with Learning Disabilities and Physical Handicaps

Website for scholarships for students with handicaps

Learning Disabilities and College


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