Minority Students

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Minority Students: While affirmative action remains in place in many states, it is coming under attack, and in California it is no longer a consideration for admission to public universities. Recent restrictions enacted in other states may be the handwriting on the wall for this decades-long policy.

Do not confine your search for information about higher education to just those sites for minorities, college information, especially on this site, pertains to everyone.

Your task?

  • Get the grades.

  • Get the highest possible test scores.

  • If you are new to the United States or Canada, perfect your English: English is the business language of the world, and considered the language of prosperity.

  • Check out the opportunities available to you and take advantage of them.

  • Prepare for college.
  • That said, there is scholastic and financial help available for minority students, and many colleges and universities still use affirmative action quotas in their college admissions process. You need to concentrate on being the best college admissions candidate you can be to maximize your opportunities.

    All College Entrance Exams

    SATs and ACTs - you need to know about college admissions tests

    ACT Main Page - Learn, sign-up, decide on tests

    SAT Main Page- Index to all SAT information

    Supporting Minority Education

    National Association for Equality in Education

    Appkly Here: Admissions Sites for all Public Colleges and Universities in the United States

    Search colleges -by location, selectivity, majors, size, religion, other criteris

    Special Links for Minority Students

    Scholarhips for Asian-American Students

    American Indian College Fund

    Native American College Resources

    Financial Aid for Native American College Students

    Historically Black Colleges

    Black College Search

    The Black Collegian

    The Hispanic Alliance (HACE)

    HACE stands for Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement. This site has something for everyone including a great list of links to specific scholarships or sites with more lists of awards.

    The list includes 77 direct links to great sites and about every category one can think. Along with opportunities for Hispanics, there are links to such categories as Holocaust Remembrance, sports and athletic scholarships, Microsoft, Gates, Coca Cola, minorities, military, accounting, Siemens, Science, Arts, U.S. government Grants...the list goes on and on. You can spend a week here, and probably should.

    Molis: Great site for Hispanics and other minorities

    Essential Information for Athletes

    Financial Aid for Athletes


    The Roadmap to College Admissions

    College Financing for Minorities

  • In addition to these resources, try searches on financial aid for particular courses of study, for instance, financial aid for minority students majoring in teaching, in nursing, engineering, etc.

  • Sign up at scholarship sites such as Fastweb.com and fill out the information forms. You will receive emails with scholarship competitions relevant to your information.

  • Financial aid is available, in various forms, to everyone. This includes grants, loans, and scholarships. The first thing you need to do is to Learn all about fnancial aid.

    ACT Education Loans, no FAFSA

    How Minorities Finance Education

    The United Negro College Fund

    The Ad Council: Supporting Minority Education

    Hispanic Scholarships

    Great site for minority financing and other info


    Academic Interests and Scholarships

    Performing Arts-Music, Art, Dance, Theater, Musical Theater

    Nursing Programs

    GOOGLE Search about Minority Educational Opportunities


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