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SATs and ACTs Not Required: Take a look at these Colleges and Universities

Low scores? Forgot to sign up? SATs and ACTs not required? Really?

The test scores do not get you into college. They are a part of the overall view colleges and universities use to evaluate a potential student. One idea I have heard discussed is that with the unequal quality of high schools, the test scores are the only uniform ruler schools have with which to measure a student.

Exceptions:There are exceptions at colleges that have adopted the standardized-test-optional approach. SAT and ACT scores can be used when the applicant does not meet the school's minimum GPA and/or class rank standards, or if he is applying from out of state. In other cases, test scores are required for some of the college's programs, or used by academic counselors for advising new students on their career paths.

No Tests Required: A list of colleges and universities that do not require pre-college testing

College list for students with low scores


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More on colleges not requiring the tests

California State University:Testing requirements depends on GPA, campus:

The University of California Admissions Stats including SATs/ACTs

Comprehensive list of US Colleges and test scores of accepted applicants

Selected top schools, and their average ACT scores for acceptance

What are colleges looking for in prospective students?

In this order:

  • Grades
  • Test Scores
  • Application Essays
  • Class Rank
  • Extracurricular and Volunteering

    SO, I would suggest that for those schools not requiring college admissions testing, you might want to research what they are looking for, and require of, a prospective student.

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