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Then, click on our Financial Aid Home Page link for the specifics of finding money.

In these tough times, paying for college is a big worry for many. We have all the info you need.

Don't over look community colleges, as we tighten our belts:

  • Prepares you for the rigors of a four-year,
  • Remediates what you did not get in high school,
  • Saves $50,000 or more,
  • May give you a better chance of getting into the school of your choice than you may have had out of high school.
  • Some of these pages seem to over-lap in terms of information presented. This is to help you find specific information faster.

    While your parents worry about paying for your college education, you might reflect on the fact that seven U.S. states pay all or most of the costs of a college education for illegals.

    SEPTEMBER 2011, Latest in college Financial News

    The Atlantic Monthly: Obama's Student Loans Program saves the average student less than $10.00 per month

    Ten Best Colleges for the Money

    National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

    Financial Aid Finder

    ****All About Financial Aid - The Best Place to Start****

    Financial Aid Vocab

    College Student Loans

    Financial Aid Links

    Financial Aid Forms

    FAFSA FORMS (FIll Them Out and Relax)

    CSS Profile for (Mostly Private) Colleges Requiring it

    Scholarships, Main Page and Index

    Free Colleges Online

    Scholarship Online Database

    SAT, ACT, GRE - Free Practice Tests

    Free ACT Exams

    ACT Sample Questions

    Free SAT I Reasoning Test

    Free SAT Subject Matter Tests

    Free Graduate Record Exam (GRE)


    MCATS - Samples

    MBA: The GMAT


    Save/Earn Money in College

    Save money by Earning Extra College Credit, Graduate Early

    Earn Extra Money as Painlessly as Possible

    Free Textbooks

    Free Used Books

    Google Free Texts

    Save Money in College

    Save Money by Testing - college credits

    ****Financial Aid - the process, and the sources****


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