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2017-18 Students in Tri-Valley: Special Offering

Thirty-six percent of American high school graduates are ready for college work.

As our schools continue to fail our students, we add to our efforts to prepare students for success in high school and college. For students in the Tri-Valley Area, we teach one-on-one classes in learning and self teaching. Students will have work to do between sessions.

The format of these sessions is based on the latest studies on learning, and retention of knowledge.

Increasingly, our students need to become self-learners, but at the high school level they generally do not know how to adequately study, let alone teach themselves.

The most often heard motto is from learning experts is: "Study smarter, not harder." This means the student learns to study efficiently for the maximum learning and recall, without adding unrealistic expectations of study hours. They learn to accomplish more in the time they spend on each subject, and to understand more about the demands of their courses, and the importance of preparing for college.

Sessions are geared toward general studying efficiency, and specific methods for each academic discipline.

The most important components of the College Application, are, in order, grades, test scores and application essays. We offer tutoring in Pleasanton in English writing, math, AP History, AP English, and ACT/SAT Exam preparation.

We also offer an ongoing service of Educational Management for those who require professional oversight of their academic career, and help in obtaining their goals.

EDUCATION IN AMERICA - Failing our children and our country

Latest on Admissions from The UC System: 2017, Waitlisted, 2013 Changes in the process

University of California applications and essay prompts are on line for much of the year, along with the application. Prompts are on page 16 of the Directions Booklet, and can be found on a separate page elsewhere on the application website. There are three prompts, two required, and one optional. When prompts are used in successive years, they can frequently be found elsewhere by late summer by searching online

Everything-About-College is a resource guide created and maintained by College Advantage, an educational consulting firm located in Pleasanton, California, serving the Tri-Valley Area, and the East Bay.

We are dedicated, caring professionals in the field of college planning and admissions. INFORMATION ON THESE PAGES IS APPLICABLE TO EVERY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN THE U.S AND CANADA WHO IS INTERESTED IN HIGHER EDUCATION.

Even though the San Francisco East Bay is the main focus area of our business, although we have telecommuting clients all over the United States.


  • In-home, private seminar detailing step-by-step college admissions process.

  • One-on-one targeted tutoring for the SAT 2005, SAT II Exams, SAT Writing Exam.

  • ACT coaching, diagnosis to determine appropriate test for each student.

  • College searching and matching to meet specific individual needs.

  • Oversight and guidance for applications, applications essays, scholarship essays.

  • Guidance with the application process.

  • Financial aid guidance, including loans, grants, and scholarships.

  • Expert help for college-bound students with diagnosed learning disabilities, including ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD, auditory processing.

  • Guidance and resources for LD testing.


  • High school students planning to attend college

  • Parents concerned about the college process, including financial aid

  • College-bound students diagnosed with learning disabilities.

  • Students with poor writing skills, or worried about the SAT essay.

  • Students needing improvement in reading comprehension, or test taking skills.

  • Students in the San Francisco East Bay area planning to take the SATs, ACTS, or those with low PSAT, SAT test scores.

  • Students preparing for grad school and grad school entrance tests.

  • Adults planning to attend college.


Our owner, Susanna, is an Educational Consultant. with B.A. and M.A. degrees in education who has lived in Pleasanton for 31 years. She is a certified California teacher with an extensive background in teaching, and in college admissions consulting.

Our senior editor, Kathleen Reed is a graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara, with a B.A. in English, and a minor in education. Her background includes work in creative and non-fiction writing, and as senior editor for an internationally known non-profit organization.

College Advantage helps people achieve their goals by:

  • Finding the colleges that fit the particular needs and requirements of each college-bound student and researching those schools for our students.

  • Providing mentoring and guidance in the entire college admissions process for students in the San Francisco East Bay region.

  • Guiding students through the process of writing the increasingly important college admissions essay.

  • Helping students improve their writing skills specifically for college admissions and college classes.

  • Guiding students through the maze of testing and offering strategy coaching, tutoring, and writing instruction for the SAT I 2005, SAT II, and ACT.

  • Eliminating the stress and confusion prevalent today in the college search, selection, and admissions process.

  • Helping students obtain the most appropriate and beneficial recommendations for college admissions

  • Providing college preparatory tutoring for college-bound students needing remedial work or specialized mentoring.

  • Networking parents with professionals specializing in financial planning for college-bound students of any age.

  • Managing the college admissions process with flexibility, catering to our clients’ needs and specifications.

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All written materials are the copyrighted property of College Advantage and may not be copied or reproduced without the written consent of Susanna Gordon, owner, College Advantage, Pleasanton, California. Many factors contribute to the success of the student in the college admissions process. College Advantage is dedicated to the success of each student, and works very hard to assure that success. However due to the variety of factors involved in being accepted at the colleges of one’s choice, College Advantage assumes no liability for failure of a student in college admissions.


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