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Answering the UC Questions: Introspective responses for your Application


The University of California Application asks several questions of its applicants for freshman admissions, for undergraduate transfers, and from applicants for grad school.

Your responses give the UC System  schools a look at who you are beyond grades and test scores. It is an important component of your application.

Write your Personal Statements in Advance

Your personal statements—consisting of responses to the given prompts—is your chance to tell us who you are and what's important to you. Think of it as your opportunity to introduce yourself to the people reading your application.

Be open, be honest, be real. What you tell us in your personal statements gives readers the context to better understand the rest of the information you've provided in your application.

A couple of tips:

# Take time to write, rewrite and edit.

# Show your responses to a teacher, counselor or friend for comments, but make sure the word s you use are your own.

# Finally, relax. These are are  pieces of information the UC Application Readers, and faculty  consider in reviewing your application; an admission decision will not be based on your personal statement responses alone.

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