College Transfers

College Transfers Defined:

  • Community college to 4-year.

  • One 4-year college to another:

    Reasons to transfer:

    • You want to go to a better school.

    • You didn't take high school seriously, had bad grades, or had discipline problems. Now you have it together and need a better fit.

    • Your present school is too expensive, and you need someplace less expensive.

    • You have completed the necessary requirements in community college, and now it is time to attend a 4-year.

  • What is the most important part of the transfer application?

  • Two words: Academic Record.
  • That is, your academic record at the school you are presently attending.

    As you begin to search for schools that meet your needs, check their academic requirements. These will vary a bit from those required of incoming freshmen. These requirements include grades, course choices, and the number of units required to transfer to a particular college or system. Generally GPA requirements for transfer students range from a 2.0 to a 3.4, depending on the school.

    Your college grades will, to a large extent, outweigh any effect of low SAT scores in high school.

    As a transfer student with good grades, you may be accepted at schools where you would not have had a chance right out of high school.

    Community College Transfers

  • Community college is the way to success for people who did not do well in high school.

  • Junior college is a great way to save big bucks and smooth the transition into a 4-year.

  • For students with good grades in high school, there are many reasons to consider a junior college:

    • Save money.

    • Get general Ed classes out the way, generally with more personal attention.

    • Explore different career paths.

    • Ease ability to get into the 4-year college of your choice.

      In California, and other states, the University of California system, and the California State system look first at community college transfers and then at transfers from 4-years.

  • Steps to Admission:

  • Transfer admission requirements vary from school to school. Stay organized as you begin this process.

  • While the majority of colleges have late fall or winter application deadlines, others have Rolling Admissions, or admission deadlines in the late spring or early summer. Keep track.

  • Use the links below for step-by-step guidance with the admissions process.

  • Learn About College Admissions

  • When you look online for the admissions applications at your colleges of choice, you will find "Transfers." under admissions

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