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Start Here: free, comprehensive site has 255 pages to provide information on what you need to plan and succeed with your college admissions process. This is a unique site in both its size, breadth, and in the fact that we are not selling anything.

If it is about any part of college planning, prep, and getting into college, it is on this site.

Our "Start Here" page is designed to help you as you begin your journey to college, grad school, and beyond.


I. Everything About College Home Page

In the good old days, getting into college was not a two year project.

II. Plan Ahead, Paying for College

III. Junior Year Roadmap

IV. Senior Year Roadmap

Start Here: Means you should be on this as a Freshman. Do not believe those who tell you freshman grades don't count.

V. Academic Career: Grades, Test Scores, Essays

All about Applications and Admissions

Learn More, enhance your applications: Take AP Classes, Start in your sophomore year

VI. College Admissions Testing

Meet the College Board, make this a part of your life for the next two years


ACTs. You can take either, or both, ACT, SAT

VII. MORE Essentials...

Volunteering and Extra-curricular


Special Groups...

"Start Here" categories include steps for those in non-traditional education tracks.

Those prospective college students can start here, then use the above information paths to organize the college admissions process.


Learaning Disability Students, (with I.E.Ps)

Distance Learning

Adult Learners

Start Here for college Searching and Matching

College Searching

Use the Common Application - Most private colleges and universities

Apply here: Admissions Sites for ALL public Universities and Colleges in the United States

California Colleges and Universities Systems - largest in the world

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