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International Students (Foreign Students) Planning to come to the U.S. for College


  • International and foreign students come to the United States from other countries to study because of the quality and variety of the education opportunities at U.S. colleges and universities.

  • There are more than 900 fields of study offered at more than 4,000 colleges in the United States.

  • Many U.S.colleges and universities are well-known and highly regarded worldwide, and are welcoming to international students.

  • "U.S. colleges often have world-renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. At the undergraduate level, the colleges emphasize a broad, well-rounded education. Professors tend to value creativity, individualism and inclusiveness." (college Board)

  • If you live in another country and want to go to college in the U.S., remember that as an international student, it takes some planning. We have included that information for you below.

    Finding what you need to know about U.S. Colleges and Universities

    Applying to U.S. Colleges and Universities

  • Begin planning for college two years in advance.

  • Start the application process as soon as you've decided which colleges to apply to, and no later than one year before your expected start date.

  • Send all required documents and forms as soon as possible. U.S. colleges usually review applications only when they’ve received everything.

  • Colleges in the U.S. have different test requirements, entrance requirements, and costs. You will need to determine what is required at each of the schools of interest.

  • Consider taking the SAT Exams to demonstrate your ability for college-level work.

  • Contact the International Student Advisor at your prospective colleges, for help.

  • Be prepared to demonstrate that you are fluent in English. You might consider an English language course to prepare for the English language proficiency exam most colleges require of those international applicants for whom English is not the first language.

  • Check specific college admissions polices.

    Test of English as a Foreign Language

    American Colleges and Universities

    What Kind of college are you looking for?

    International Students Study Abroad Programs

    College Search

    Apply Here! Admissions Sites for all U.S.Public Colleges and Universities

    U.S. Colleges and Universities on Ocean Beaches

    Colleges and Universities in the American Territories

    Ski Colleges

    Paying for College

  • In the United States you will be responsible for the cost of your tuition and fees,room and board, books,supplies, and your transportation.

  • International students may qualify for some scholarships and tuition assistance, but generally are not eligible for most financial aid.

  • Learn about other college expenses at their admissions sites.

  • The U.S. government requires international students to document the amount and source of money they have available while studying in the United States.

    Links to Important Information

    Education USA " a network of advising centers supported by the U.S. Department of State.

  • These centers offer information and advice about pursuing higher education in the U.S.

  • They are located in major cities all over the world and may be hosted by U.S. embassies and consulates, Fulbright Commissions, American Centers, private organizations and related institutions.

  • Their advisers are experienced and well-informed about U.S. college systems and admission procedures.

  • They can help you understand college searches, the admission process, visa requirements and any U.S. government funding available.

  • They can also let you know if representatives from U.S. colleges are planning to visit your country."(College Board)

    Search for USA Advising Centers Overseas, Closest to You

  • Experienced and well-informed advisors about U.S. college systems and admission procedures.

  • Help for you to understand college searches, the admission process, visa requirements and any United States government funding available.

  • Informed about any upcoming visits to your country by representatives from U.S. colleges.

    Important Links

    International Students and U.S. Admissions Tests

    All About the SATs

    Transfer Students (Use this information in combination with international student information.

    Graduate School Exams (GRE)

    The United States Department of Education

    The College Board (SAT I, SAT II, Huge Site, College Profiles, Information)

    Top of International Students Page

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