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The world of college admissions changes constantly, and this blog will help you keep up with those changes. Stay current on information about colleges, financial aid, college student loans, adult education, college applications, SATs, ACTs, college life and housing, scholarships, graduate school tests and applications. Jun 02, 2017 About Us

"About Us": the information page for the people behind

Continue reading "About Us " Jun 02, 2017 College Admissions: Everything About College. Everything.

College Admissions: A complete resource for finding your college, applications, SATs/ACTs, acceptance, financial aid. The only site on the web for everythng about college from beginning to end.

Continue reading "College Admissions: Everything About College. Everything." May 29, 2017 Academic (Teacher) Recommendations

Here is your "how to" for letters of recommendation, academic recommendations, teacher recommendations.

Continue reading "Academic (Teacher) Recommendations" May 27, 2017 Admissions-a road map for the college admissions process

The admissions process: college applications, staying organized, creating your portfolio, getting ready to apply, getting it all done.

Continue reading "Admissions-a road map for the college admissions process" May 27, 2017 Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes and Program

Continue reading "Advanced Placement (AP) Program" May 25, 2017 The ACTs

ACTs, Why it's the most popular test, free sample exam, how to study for the ACTs, compare with SATs, who should take it.

Continue reading "The ACTs" Sep 25, 2014 The New (Dumbed down) SAT.

Information on the new exam to debut in 2016.

Continue reading "The New (Dumbed down) SAT." Sep 11, 2014 SAT tips and strategies.

SAT tips and strategies, SAT I, Top Strategies and tips, logic, tips, test, Reasoning test

Continue reading "SAT tips and strategies." Aug 09, 2014 The University of California, latest news for 2014

The University of California, latest news, information you need to know about applying and acceptance.

Continue reading "The University of California, latest news for 2014" Mar 13, 2014 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), their description and treatment, prevention, links.

Continue reading "Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)" Mar 10, 2014 SATs

SATs,Free SAT tests, Learn about the tests, study for ifor the test, strategies and tips, SAT essays, samples of questions and answers, sign up to take the test.

Continue reading "SATs" Nov 14, 2013 Common essay topics for college applications

List of common essay topics used by colleges for applications and admissions

Continue reading "Common essay topics for college applications" Nov 14, 2013 Writing the College Application Essays

Information about writing the application essays, formating, tips, and common essay topics.

Continue reading "Writing the College Application Essays" Nov 14, 2013 The Common Application

The Common Application, what is it, where to find it, how does it work?

Continue reading "The Common Application" Nov 14, 2013 Actual College Board SAT Essay Prompts

The SAT Essay Prompts

Continue reading "Actual College Board SAT Essay Prompts" Sep 25, 2013 Apply California: Admissions Web Pages for Public Colleges and Universities

Apply-California: Admissions Web Sites for California Public Colleges and Universities.

Continue reading "Apply California: Admissions Web Pages for Public Colleges and Universities" Dec 11, 2012 Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, A Growing list...

What about Facebook, Twitter, all those networking sites? Once your info is up there, it stays there. Forever.

Continue reading "Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, A Growing list..." Dec 05, 2012 Apply: Admission Websites for All Public Universities in U.S.


Continue reading "Apply: Admission Websites for All Public Universities in U.S." Dec 05, 2012 Beach Schools, Colleges on the Beach

Beach Colleges: What qualifies? Where are they? Find lists, links, and info about U.S. colleges on the beach.

Continue reading "Beach Schools, Colleges on the Beach" Dec 05, 2012 Nea beach colleges with surfing, sand, and sun

Near beach colleges offer the same sun, sand and surf and surfing as schools on the beach, but the surf is not hitting the classroom doors. You have to actually go to the beach.

Continue reading "Nea beach colleges with surfing, sand, and sun" Dec 05, 2012 New Pages

Newest/latest pages on our site. Keep up with latest collegeinformation.

Continue reading "New Pages" Nov 30, 2012 Free College Textbooks

Resource for free college textbooks, downloading textbooks, great books, other literature.

Continue reading "Free College Textbooks " Nov 29, 2012 Open Culture Education

Free College from the top U.S. Universities.

Continue reading "Open Culture Education" Nov 28, 2012 Distance Learning

Distance Learning: pick your classes and your school unconcerned with location.

Continue reading "Distance Learning" Nov 27, 2012 Free College Tuition

Colleges offering free college tuition

Continue reading "Free College Tuition" Nov 20, 2012 Financial Aid, college

Financial Aid: A complete resource for college financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships, jobs, work-study, financing education, qualifying.

Continue reading "Financial Aid, college" Nov 20, 2012 Link-to-us

Links: partner sites, sites of interest

Continue reading "Link-to-us" Oct 27, 2012 PSATs

The PSATs, pre-SAT, test, National Merit Scholar Test(NMSQT)

Continue reading "PSATs" Oct 27, 2012 The GRE (Graduate Records Exam)

Graduate Records Exam (GRE), what it is, tips, strategies, links, who takes it?

Continue reading "The GRE (Graduate Records Exam)" Oct 19, 2012 Write the NEW University of California Prompts

How to write the NEW UC Application Prompts

Continue reading "Write the NEW University of California Prompts" Sep 07, 2012 Table of Contents: by category, 246 pages of information

The Table of Contents for Everything About College. Huge site, complete resource, indexes our 246 pages of free information.

Continue reading "Table of Contents: by category, 246 pages of information


Sep 04, 2012 SATs and ACTs, College Admissions Testing

SATs and ACTs, college tests, SAT IIs, complete information, how to study, and links

Continue reading " SATs and ACTs, College Admissions Testing" Sep 02, 2012 Colleges for B Students

Colleges for B Students: Lots of them, and good ones too.

Continue reading "Colleges for B Students" Sep 02, 2012 SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN

SElf Defense for Women:Women of all ages are primary targets for rape, assualt, verbal and physical abuse. Protect yourself against abuse and threats of any kind.

Continue reading "SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN" Sep 02, 2012 East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area

College Consulting, San Francisco East Bay, Consulting for students and parents in complete college admission process

Continue reading "East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area" Jul 10, 2012 College Entrance Exams and Other Standardized Tests

A list of college entrance exams and other standardized tests, with a description of each and tips for who should take them.

Continue reading "College Entrance Exams and Other Standardized Tests" Jul 10, 2012 College Bound High School Senior Calendar

College Bound High School Senior Calendar to keep track of applications, admissions, and deadlines week-by-week, and month-by-month.

Continue reading " College Bound High School Senior Calendar" Jul 10, 2012 College Applications, Getting your portfolio together.

College Applications as a part of the college admissions portfolio, filling them out, the essays, showing yourself in your best light.

Continue reading "College Applications, Getting your portfolio together." Jul 10, 2012 College Acceptance, Step-by-stepguide to admissions

College Acceptance: A step-by-step check list for everything you need to do to get accepted

Continue reading "College Acceptance, Step-by-stepguide to admissions" Jul 10, 2012 Campus Safety and Security:Am I safe on Campus?

Campus Safety and Security. How safe are you at college? Find security reporting websites, laws, and rules to follow to keep yourself safe.

Continue reading "Campus Safety and Security:Am I safe on Campus?" Jul 10, 2012 private, colleges, california, page 2

PRivate colleges in California whose names begin with "C".

Continue reading "private, colleges, california, page 2" Jul 10, 2012 Private Colleges in California

California Public Colleges

Continue reading "Private Colleges in California" Jul 10, 2012 California Colleges and Universities

California colleges and universities, high school juniors, register on web sites of schools of interest.

Continue reading "California Colleges and Universities" Jul 10, 2012 California College Consortiums

California College Consortiums: partnerships between colleges in the Central Valley of California allows students take to advantage of reciprical programs.

Continue reading "California College Consortiums" Jul 10, 2012 Beach Colleges, and Near Beach Colleges, Amer. Territories

beach Colleges, near beach colleges in the American Territories, including Puerto Rico.

Continue reading "Beach Colleges, and Near Beach Colleges, Amer. Territories" Jul 10, 2012 High School Athletes and College

Complete college info for high school athletes, including athletic scholarships, SATs/ACTs, NCAA, playing sports in college, funding, qualifying, and links to colleges and programs.

Continue reading " High School Athletes and College" Jul 09, 2012 Adult Education

Adult Education, going to college: applications, programs, money, credit, graduate, scholarships.

Continue reading "Adult Education" Jul 09, 2012 Start here for Your college Admission Journey

Start here: Go here first to plan your college admissions process. and navigate our 200 fifty pages of necessary information

Continue reading "Start here for Your college Admission Journey" Jul 09, 2012 Personal Relationships

You are involved with someone, or married, adn the relationship is violent. Do you know what to do, where to go?

Continue reading "Personal Relationships" Jul 09, 2012 529 College Savings Plans: Tax deferred Investments

Save for college, the 529 College Savings Plan, tax deferred investment plans to pay for college for your children or grandchildren.

Continue reading "529 College Savings Plans: Tax deferred Investments" Share this page: What’s this? Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Tumblr Reddit

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