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The Ivy League

Speculations and versions abound as to the origin of the name "Ivy League."

Some accounts claim that the "IV" came from the original four universities and their football competitions, other stories maintain that it was because of the early traditions of planting ivy around the campuses on the first day of class.

In any case, here they are, eight of the most prestigious universities in the world, and in a company that includes West Point and Annapolis as early and excellent schools in the United States.

Bit of Trivia: The founders of the University of California came from Yale, hence the UC colors are Yale Blue, and Gold for California Gold.


Harvard University (1636), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Yale University (1701), New Haven, Connecticut

The University of Pennsylvania, (1740), Philadelphia

Princeton University (1746), Princeton, New Jersey

Columbia Unversity (1754), New York City

Brown University (1764), Providence, Rhode Island

Dartmouth University (1769), Hanover, New Hampshire

Cornell University (1869), Ithaca, New York

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