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College-Related Links

Links of interest: Important Website on College Performance and Education, Former Harvard Dean

These schools actually provide you with a comprehensive college education

Spring Break

This website is your ultimate Spring Break resource: a free on-line guide created by Spring Breakers for Spring Breakers:

Coolest Spring Break.

Financial Aid

All About Financial AId

How to fix anything, do anything, Fix It 101

Bob Vila's Home Resource and Fix It Page

Tech Support for cars and electronicss


Free online Career Test

Strong Interest Assessment

Google Results for Career and Interests Search

Help with Academic Subjects

First, when in academic difficult, look for help on campus:

  • Peer tutors

  • Private tutors

  • Especially, the TA for your class

  • Believe it or not, you can visit your professor during office hours!

  • Form study groups

  • Web Site for Text Book Publisher

  • Web site for class instructor or professor

  • Online MATH Help, some free, some with fees

    Wolframalpha - mathmatica, Calculus,solutions

    SOS Math

    Free! Homework How To- through Calculus

    Purple Math, some college, more high school. LOTS of help and links for college students

    The Most Common Mathmatical Error in Undergraduate Mathmatics


    The Drudgereport: all news, all views, every news outlet, every writer.


    US Geologic Survey - Earthquakes

    US Ski Reports

    Canadian Rockies Ski United States Center for Disease Control

    Meningitis- get the shot, and learn about this threat to college students

    WebMD Arguably the best medical web site out there.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

    A Guide to Free Travel

    Travel Deals

    Free Travel Offers and Give-aways

    How to Travel the World for Free

    The Flat Earth Society

    Links to help you stay organized in college

    The Lefthanded Liberation Society

    Links to Procrastination Sites - if you get around to it


    Meet Local Musicians - Find a Band. (But be careful who you hook up with.)

    Job Board for Music Auditions and Gigs


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