Note: The new SAT, coordinating with the Common Core, was rolled out in the spring of 201. There were be changes - and is, I believe easier than the prior edition of the test, with the exception of the new, optional essay requirement, which is, I believe, a more accurate representation of college-readiness for writing.


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An index to our SATs information and our guides

We have so much information about the SATs that we finally put together a page that lists everything connected with the exam, and links to the ACT information.

These two exams are given to high school students, mostly, but not only, juniors or seniors. The scores are second only to grades in importance in the college admissions process.

In earlier years, students sometimes took the exam, at least for the first time, in their sophomore year. Because of the essay, we recommend waiting until your junior year, when you have more experience writing the newer version of the essay question.

The ACT exam is most widely given in the middle part of the country, and the SAT is more often taken in the east and far west, although the ACT seems to be gaining in popularity. Most schools will accept results from either test as a part of your college admissions portfolio. (New essay format for the ACT, as well)

You can read about the entire college admissions process on our site.

The PSAT National Merit Exam

All about the SATs, ACTs, learn and compare

Free tests, Take' em Online or Download

Although we have links below to several testing options, the best one is at The College Board Website, see below, since they offer correcting, analysis of your scores and of the concepts in the test, and a computer graded essay score.

Princeton, Free Online Exam

Free, online Practice tests, 4 tests

See all our SAT PAges

SAT Pages, Table of Contents

SAT Test Dates

Subject Matter Tests

Tips and Strategies - SAT

SATS Not Required

SAT Study Plan

Free Test CollegeBoard, download test, score report, analysis

Peterson Free Exam

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Learn about Test Prep

CollegeBoard Free SAT Test site

Avail yourself of a few of the SAT Study Guides, all available on Amazon, or from the publisher.

The College Board, official SAT Book is available at their site. Those are always a good idea.

If you are self disciplined, you do not need to pay for test-taking classes. There is no regulation of the test-study industry, so results are based on what the companies tell you.

Your largest issue will be the essay, and writing a rough draft of a upper-high school essay. Practice it and have someone who knows how to write, edit and critique it for you.

I personally like Princeton and Kaplan online classes, or in-person in certain locations.

These publishers get you there: Princeton, Kaplan, Barrons, College Board, and others. If you purchase an SAT Study Guide, be sure it says 2017 or 2018.

Test Dates for 2017-18, important information

Study for the tests on your own

Write the essay

Visit the CollegeBoard (They administer the test) and sign up

Test information for Student Athletes

Learn about the ACTs

A list, with explanations, of the college entrance exams: SATs, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT...

Take other college exams and earn college credit, graduate early

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Please note that your search results page will have ads ABOVE the actual search results. Those are not from the site, but may be of interest, since Google targets the ads to your particular search.

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