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You have above a 3.0 GPA? Lots of schools want you to apply.

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Colleges for B Students. Lots of them.

Thousands. Yes.

There are thousands of great colleges for B students: those with B grade averages.

Get ready: college is all about self-discipline and motivation. You will need to reconcile yourself to the fact that your academics will be harder, and no one will be pushing you to get your work done. In fact, no one will care.

Colleges for B students include many state schools, where education is a bargain, you have great professors, and lower costs than private schools, which are frequently colleges for B students.

Especially if you are a C student, you might also consider a community college - save tens of thousands of dollars, find yourself, and if you work hard, make the grades that give you more options than you had coming out of high school.

Remember also, high SAT or ACT test scores give your GPA index a boost.


With all the hype about the stress of getting perfect grades, and the impossible odds for college acceptance, a less-than-A-student might think the idea of college is beyond reach.

Not so. There are thousands of very good colleges that will be interested in your application. You can be assured of an outstanding education at these schools.

Your College Options

Don't shortcut your efforts to find colleges that you like. Yes, it's time consuming, but we make it easy.

  • Go to your favorite search engine and jump right in.
    • Search terms include "B colleges," "GPA requirements" "Acceptances and GPA." The list of possible search terms is endless.
    • Remember that rankings, especially efforts to rank all universities on various criteria, are flawed. Frequently those rankings are achieved by asking college faculty to rate colleges and universities. Does this seem flawed, somehow? It is. Use rankings, such as those by US News and others, as an indicator, or as a place to see most colleges, listed in one place.

    • The more logical way to look at colleges is to look for specific majors, and investigate those majors at the schools that interest you. These days, the goal is to pursue an education that will allow you to get a job in the real world. Majoring in things like Gender Studies, or Ethnic Awareness, Social Work, will rarely get you a job in today's driven work market. One set of colleges that excel in preparing students for real-world jobs at this, are schools-for-profit, such as Devry, University of Phoenix, and many others, some national companies, some regional.

    • You can find great colleges and universities that offer you an excellent education, a huge variety of academic options, and a great college experience.

    • Given the excellence of U.S. Colleges, (as compared to our public K-12 Systems) you get out of college what you put in to it.

    • That does not mean you can't get an excellent education. The majority of CEOs in the United States attended either state colleges, or community colleges and then a four year.

    • For athletes, these schools welcoming B students offer more chances to play, sometimes more scholarships, and sometimes offer academic help not available at big-name institutions.

    • For students in general, many of these schools offer greater access to professors, sometimes smaller class size, and less possibility of being taught only by Teaching Assistants.


      Places to Start your Search

      Extracurricular Activities are a plus


      Performing Arts


      Check out these sites:

      Course Navigator, U.S. Department of Education. Spend time on this huge site.

      The College Board

      The College Board site is where you register for SATs, and other standardized testing. It also has databases with information on the 3500 colleges and universities in the U.S.

      Students can check out requirements for admissions, and find colleges for B students.

      If I were to look at only two sites for specific information on U.S. colleges and universities, and their entrance requirements, the College Board, and the U.S. department of education would be those places.


      Links to Web Sites You Absolutely Must Visit

      Colleges for B Students, Underachievers, and Late Bloomers

      " onclick="return FIX.track(this);">Why Colleges Love You

      Average Grades and Scores: Colleges that look past that

      Great Options

      Kipplingers Best College Values. A consumer-driven think tank, lots of info.

      Apply Here: Admissions Sites for all U.S. Public Colleges

      Colleges for B and C Students

      About "US News and World Report" lists of accepted SAT scores.

      Some of their entries are incorrect. If you see what looks like a very low score for a test with a possible 2400 points, remember that many schools, including the California State College System, accept only the Critical Reading section and the Math section of the SATs.

      However, most do not. The University of California, requires the scores from all three SAT test sections, Math, Critical Reading, and English Writing. They have a total possible of 2400 points. Average totals for acceptance to the UC System, as reported by "US News" are incorrect.

      Do your own research on each college Web Site for scores and GPA averages for admissions.

      Colleges, Universities, and their Average SAT Scores for Admitted Students

      Colleges that Do Not Require SATs or ACTs.


      In defense of testing: It equalizes high schools.

      If your school is not known for academic excellence, or is in a lower income group, the tests give colleges the ability to look at all students who have taken the same tests.

      "America's Best Colleges for B Students." A book.

    • Read these for interest and to get a feel for the campus. I recommend not making your decision based on the sometimes trivial criteria used in student evaluations. Who cares about the parking facilities?

    • The food may not be great in the Cafeteria, but only you can decide if that trumps the fact that a particular colleges has exactly the combinations of major and minor you need for your planned course of study.

    • Such issues as diversity, for rating the campus of your choice, may or may not be of interest to you. All colleges provide "diversity," but location for instance may affect the ethnicity of particular college.

    • Think: Campus facilities, including residences, professors vs. teaching assistants, safety, cost, do they have my planned major? Social life?

      Rate your Chances of Getting In. Great Site, Strategic

      Financial Aid

      Top of Colleges for B Students

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