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Advanced Placement World History may be the hardest AP class you take.AP Physics will be hard, but for what it is, this is the hardest AP Class. It covers thousands of years, and the themes of that history.

  • For many, it is the first AP class.

  • The class is a full sweep, for which you are responsible, of human history, burning through the Old Stone Age, and then through the Neolithic (New Stone Age) before beginning to learn the entire history of mankind, in a parallel structure, down thorough the ages - every country, culture, economy, society, religion, and their contributions and role in history, down to present times

    Great class!

    College Board Test Information: Read for sure.

    College Board Link for AP World History - teachers

    Collegew Board: APWH Rubrics, Historical Thinking Skills

    College Board: APWH Course Overview

    College Board, APWorld History Page for students, including sources for extra help

    College Board: AP World History Practice

    College Board: Exam Practice Tips

    The Cult of APWorld History - online - and links to amazing sources


    PDF File, Five Themes - AP World

    AP World History Themes

    Maps, and Interactive World History Maps

    I add them as I find them. Do not overlook the value of studying maps for this class. Each chapter, and each unit, study the maps in your text book, and the maps I find online for you.

    Study your text book maps carefully and consistently, it will pay off: tests require you to know this information about cultures and change.

    Interactive World History Maps:

  • http://www.atlasofworldhistory.com/

  • https://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/map_sites/hist_sites.html

  • http://geacron.com/home-en/

  • http://omniatlas.com/

  • https://www.timemaps.com/history/world-3500bc/

  • http://www.ancient.eu/map/

  • https://www.mapsofworld.com/world-maps/ancient-world-map.html

    World History Text Books

    " The list below represents examples of textbooks that meet the curricular requirements of AP World History and have met or exceed the required alignment to the Learning Objectives and Skills in the course curriculum framework.

    The list below is not exhaustive and the texts listed should not be regarded as endorsed, authorized, recommended, or approved by the College Board. Not using a book from this list does not mean that a course will not receive authorization. Syllabi submitted as part of the AP Course Audit process will be evaluated holistically, with textbooks considered along with supplementary, supporting resources to confirm that the course as a whole provides students with the content delineated in the curricular requirements of the AP Course Audit.

    Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past, AP® UPDATED Edition (6e), by Bentley and Ziegler, Bentley and Zeigler, 6 ed, McGraw-Hill Education.

    Ways of the World with Sources, for the AP® Course, Third Edition, Strayer and Nelson, 3 ed, Bedford, Freeman and Worth Publishing Group.

    Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, Karras, Pollard, Rosenberg, and Tignor, 1 ed, W.W. Norton.

    Patterns of World History, Combined Volume, With Sources (In Publisher Preview), Von Sivers, Desnoyers, and Stow, 2 ed, Perfection Learning.

    The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History, Richard W. Bulliet, Pamela Kyle Crossley, Daniel R. Headrick, Steven W. Hirsch, Lyman L. Johnson, David Northup, 6 ed, National Geographic/Cengage Learning.

    Voyages in World History, Valerie Hansen and Kenneth R. Curtis, 2 ed, National Geographic/Cengage Learning.

    AP World History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination,AMSCO/Perfection Learning, 1 ed, Perfection Learning.

    History of the World in 46 Lectures on Youtube: Richard Bulliet, Lead Author, The Earth and its Peoples.

    Bulliet: Lead Author, The Earth and Its Peoples, 46 in-person APWH Columbia University Lectures.

    AP WORLD History Sites to Help You

    Mr. Millhouse's Amazing APWH site

    Online Resources for AP World History

    First Exams, then Essays

    AP World History Practice Exams-Softschools - LOTS of tests and quizes Albert: APWH Exams

    Complete, pre-2016-2017 APWH Exam

    The Advanced Placement World History exams, and essay requirements were revised for the classes beginning in 2016-17.

    There are not a lot of these newest exams around, since the test has been given one time: (Spring 2017)

    You can still find old tests on which to practice. The questions are still valid, and you can practice your knowledge on them. There are differences with the new test, which your teacher will introduce to you, but you are still required to know basic knowledge.

    The actual exam questions for the new APWH Exam that refer to several test questions that refer to a given passage. The answers to the multiple-choice questions will relate to the information in the passage, as well as to your ability to read and analyze both the question and the passage.

    You can use old tests to practice the information asked for in the questions, but do not neglect to study the new-style questions in the new (2017-2018) format.

    Your class chapter quizzes - as opposed to chapter or unit tests - may be regular tests without the passages.

    The way to study for standardized tests: take tests over and over. Do not re-read your text book. Take tests, keep your notes, study guides, and texts handy, but take tests - over and over.

    Buying extra materials to help you to an A in the class, and a 5 on the APWH Exam:

    Your Best resource for Purchasing AP World Materials and Aids: Amazon

    Remember: When purchasing materials to help with AP World History, look for materials with a date of 2017 or beyond. The essays, in particular, changed this past year, and the first time the exam was given was June 2017.

    If someone gifts you with an older book, do not turn it down, you can still use it to study the multiple-choice questions for the exams.

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