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High School Athletes: Get into College

High School Athletes! Are you organized?

Now is the time to start.

Are you a planner?

Guess what? There is no time like the present. In fact, being organized and following a plan is essential for you right now.

Supplies you need to help with this process

  • Day-Planner

  • Some sort of filing system, even if it is just a bin where you throw stuff. Better though, would be some sort of filing system, however primitive.

  • Large calendar to put on the wall in front of your desk for long term planning at a glance

    Coaches, athletes, and organization:

  • For each coach you talk to at each school, or that you have ANY contact with, use one file folder, and write down the name of the coach, telephone and email information, and the name of the school, on the inside cover of the folder.

  • With that coach's name, keep results of each contact: date, notes about what was said, further contact appointments

  • In the folder, keep every piece of correspondence you receive from that individual.

  • Keep copies of everything you send to that individual.

  • Keep this information in your accordion file with the other information about that college.

    Points to Ponder

  • Coaches talk to lots of high school athletes interested in playing college sports. Coaches have to keep juggling prospective recruits because some will choose their school, and others won't. And some will not be invited to attend.

  • Therefore, take what a coach says with a grain of salt and keep on looking at other schools.

  • Honestly assess your ability as an athlete.

  • Don't depend on your athletic ability to get you in to college. The days are over where a high school athlete with grades in the cellar can get into a good school based on high school sports success.

  • Prepare for the SATs or ACTs.

  • NCAA Main Page for Athletes

  • Great Internet Sites for College Sports

  • College Sports Info

  • Campus Sports Talk

  • Ski-Schools

  • Crew, rowing, men and women


    SATs, ACTs

    Everything you want to know about the SATs

    SAT Questions and Answers

    Almost all schools accept either the SATs or the ACT. To learn more, and to see how to prepare, please visit: SATs and ACTS, learn, and compare the two tests

    Everything ACT

    The new SATs and NCAA Eligibility

    The new SAT raises some questions for student athletes. For example, the question arises in the context of Division I and II eligibility requirements. For instance, there is a minimum SAT or ACT score required for initial eligibility in Division II. For Division I initial eligibility there is a sliding scale of test scores and high school grades.

    The NCAA has a page on their site devoted to eligibility changes, how they affect athletes, and the new SAT.

    The NCAA has no plans to include the score on the student-written essay at this time.

    The SAT scores in the NCAA initial eligibility requirements will continue to be the sum of the verbal, now called the Critical Reading Section, and math components of the SAT test. The NCAA plans to monitor the situation and could change the specific eligibility requirements based on experience in scoring the new tests, in particular the essay exercise.

    NCAA Main Page, click on Eligibility and Recruiting

    Download this guide from the above link. This brief (34 page) overview of the recruiting process is essential reading for student athletes. Be sure you have the latest version.

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

    so you can read and print the PDF online version. Since the rules change frequently, be sure to download the latest version.

    Myths/Wrong Information about Athletes, Recruiting, and Money

  • Most really good athletes get "Full Ride" Scholarships.

    • Not true, almost no one receives a "full-ride", and almost all scholarships have to be re-applied to each year.
  • I was my team's MVP two years in a row; I figure the coaches will find me.

    • Not true. Most schools do not have the money for coaches to do all the scouting/recruiting necessary to find every good prospect. It is up to you to contact them
  • My grades aren't good, but I am a great Third Baseman.

    • Some colleges give a little edge to athletes, but low grades are an obstacle a coach cannot overcome.
  • I figure if a coach promises me something, I have it made.

    • Coaches may have several prospects for one spot,as well as one outstanding prospect. They'll keep you waiting while they find out the intentions of other athlete.
  • If I am not recruited, I can't get any scholarships for college.

    • Not true. Scholarships are mostly, but not all, need or merit based. Look into the billions (literally) of dollars available to students, athletes and non-athletes.
  • I can't look for financial aid until I have been accepted at a school.

    • While it is true that a college financial aid office will advise and assist you in the financial aid process, you can, and should begin looking into

      Our Scholarship Site, Awards for Athletes and everyone else as well. Look for free sites first, and be very careful about companies that want you to pay. We make no guarantees about these any of these sites, unless we so indicate, but suggest that you look them over.

      Some sites offer services in addition to scholarship searches that will be of value to student athletes.

      Remember to search on "athletic scholarships" , as well as others, at all general scholarship sites. You will find thousands of scholarships. In addition, search on sports by name, i.e. golf, baseball ,soccer, or other to find scholarships specific to your particular activity.

      Here, by the way, is the most complete Soccer Site you will find for equipment of all kinds for all ages and skill levels, along with soccer news, youth soccer, community, a message board, soccer links and resources. The name says it all:

      Ocean Sports Store

      Scholarship Sites For Athletes

    • Scholarships Around the US

      A free site with its main emphasis on information about athletic scholarships. It has links to the NCAA, tips on how to apply, and how to write an essay for the application, sample templates for requests from schools, and lots of other helpful advice.

      Other links to scholarships for Hispanics, women, African Americans, Native Americans scholarships for the disabled and Fortune 500 Scholarships.

      Athletic Aid is a complete site for high school athletes, especially if they plan to play sports in college. It contains information, college search resources, and links on every aspect of college planning for student athletes. Don't miss.

    • Scholarship Corp for those in sports provides a free profile and promises viewing by coaches across the country. From their Web site:

      "ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP CORPORATION (ASC) Is comprised of sports professionals and technology providers who interface student-athletes with athletic scholarship offers nationwide. Our mission is to offer the most efficient manner of showcasing the accolades and talents of every high school athlete nationwide. Secondly, advise coaches and recruiters nationwide so their respective programs are built with a well-rounded group of student-athletes."

    • FAST WEB is listed on our Scholarships Online Web site. It contains thousands of athletic scholarships as well as every other kind of scholarship. You register, fill out your profile, and FastWeb does a search based on that information, and sends you email updates with information about scholarships that match your profile.

    • CollegeData - complete financial aid and planning source Choose, prepare, apply and pay for college with advice and tools from College Data. Get college admission help and search for colleges and scholarships.

    • Scout USA "College Sports Recruiting & Scholarships" (Fee Based)

      "Welcome to Scout USA, the nation's top rated college sports recruiting and scholarship service. High school athletes: Do You Want To Play College Sports? GET RECRUITED!

      • One-time fee for your entire H.S. career.

      • Free Sports Fax with all online registrations. We'll fax your profile to your top schools of choice free!

      • Free updates any time you like. Recruiters can now follow your career week-by-week!

      • Local scouts to personally help you with the recruiting process. Remember ... You Can't Secure A Scholarship if You Don't Get Recruited! "

    • Looking for a college athletic scholarship? Want to compete in college athletics? College Athletic Scholarships Web site is a great place to start. Whether you wish to attend an NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA or NJCAA college or university, this Scholarships Page is packed with information you'll need.

    • Varsity Edge Student Resource Center Varsityedge provides information for parents, student-athletes, & coaches on the college recruiting process and what it takes to play at the next level. Here you will find information on athletic scholarships, recruiting, financial aid, recruiting rules, college applications, visiting schools, life as a college athlete, coaches/player interviews, NCAA rules, and much more. is also the home of THE MAKING OF A STUDENT-ATHLETE - Succeeding in the College Selection and Recruiting Process for High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches. is a free athletic recruiting information site for all student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors, and anyone else looking for information on the college athletic recruiting process.

    • pre-done Google Search for latest athletic scholarship info

      Scholarship Expert's WEBSITE INTRODUCTION:

      "Whether you're a high school or college student searching for college scholarships, a parent trying to help your student find money for college, or an educator searching for scholarships for your students, finding college scholarships is easier when you take the first step and complete a free profile here at

      To begin your free scholarship search, fill out our form to create your online scholarship profile. Once you complete the nine-step scholarship profile, our award-winning scholarship search technology will go to work and instantly match you up to a customized list of national, state, and even local scholarships that you can start applying for.

      We provide you with all the details you need to apply, including the scholarship description, specific eligibility requirements, the scholarship application deadline date, scholarship application details, and contact information.

      And once you sign-up for our scholarship search service, you will have immediate access to all of our time-saving scholarship tools and online resources, including links to online scholarship applications, the "Scholarship Application Request Letter Generator," the "Bundle and Print" feature, and much, much more.

      Remember, finding money to pay for college is only a few steps away. Click on the help star to get more information about each question. Good luck with your free scholarship search!

      PLay Sports? COLLEGE APPLICATIONS PAGE for help with your applications portfolio and a list of what you need.

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      Recruiting and Scholarships for College-bound Skiers, Snowboarders

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