Athletes College Applications

Athletes College Applications: If you are hoping to play sports at your school of choice, you will fill out the same application as anyone else.t is the process leading up to that application that may be different for you.

This process will vary from school to school, so be sure you are organized and that you keep track of what is expected of you.

The Athletes College Applications Portfolio - Your Path to Admissions Success.

  • College Entrance Exams.
    • Athletes college applications include will include the SATs or Acts, and possibly the SAT IIs.

    • Next is volunteering and then extracurricular activity.

      Grades, Scores, and Extracurricular/ Volunteering all come together on the Applications.

    • Like all applicants the Athletes College Application Form for the college(s) of your choice will contain all of the following sections for you to fill out. Read each application carefully; some colleges have additional requirements in their applications.

      • Personal information

      • Family information

      • Academic record, including self reported grades (Be accurate, they get the school report later.)

      • Activity list and brief description, including sports and any other Extracurricular high school activities.

      • A section to describe your Volunteering during high school.

      • The topics for writing college applications essays. Some colleges do not require them, and others may request one or more, including a couple of short answer responses.

      • A request for academic recommendations, which are generally done by teachers, and in your case, probably coaches.

      • A box to check indicating whether or not you will be applying for financial aid.

      • Remember that the application is your chance to show them who you are as a person, beyond grades and test scores. Print out paper versions for each of your target school.

      • Practice filling out the hard copies, and positioning your information in each section to show you in your best light. Prioritize your activities, with the most important, or meaningful on the top line.

        Athletes Using the Common Application

        Many schools using the Common Application requires supplemental application forms that are specific to their particular school.

        IN ADDITION: Some colleges require an "Athlete Supplement" along with any other required supplemental material.

        The Common Application will remind you of anything you are missing when you submit the form, and present you with a list for each college you have entered into your profile.

        Better yet: Get acquainted the the requirements of any applications/colleges before you are ready to fill them out.

        Check out our other sites for help and info for filling out the applications

        College Admissions Checklist

        College Applications Essays

        Common Essay Topics for the Athletes College Applications

        One application for almost 400 (mostly ,but not only,) private schools

        The rest of the Athletes College Admissions Portfolio

      • Your SAT/ACT scores: You can list where you want them sent when you take the exam, or wait and have them sent later when you have narrowed your list. You will self report youo scores on a college application, and then designate to the College Board or the ACT folks, where you want your official scores sent.

        • Your high school will send your SATs/ACT scores with your transcript.
      • Your high school transcript: Your school will be providing your mid-year and end-of-year grade report to the colleges you specify.

        • In about October, take a trip to the counseling office to ask about their policies regarding transcripts. Some may request stamped and addressed envelopes, some may charge a fee, they will all require a list with addresses of the schools to which you want your records sent.

        • Here and there, schools are beginning to hand out guidelines that tell their seniors exactly how to proceed with transcript requests, and teacher recs. They will expect you to follow these.
      • NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Form.

        • You must complete and send the "Making Sure You Are Eligible to Participate in College Sports" Form, along with $18.00.

        • This determines your eligibility to play in Division I or Division II, and you cannot play without it.

        • You may be unable to receive any athletic scholarships without the Clearinghouse certification.

        • You can get the free form from your coach, athletic director, or counselor.

        • If it's not available, go to NCAA for a copy of the form, or call 1-800-638-3731.
      • But Wait! There's still more to come...

        More for athletes college applications:

        You may as well get ready for the requests for documents (and sometimes DVDs) with your athletic information to be submitted to:

      • Coaches, recruiters: information about your athletic background and ability

      • The NCAA: eligibility

      • Your college's Financial Aid Department: your financial aid information
      • Don't derail your dreams by procratinating. Do it YESTERDAY.

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