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Lacrosse as a high school and college sport has exploded in popularity in the past decade.

This site is a complete resource for Lacrosse information for high school students planning to play in college, as well as providing information about your sport in high school and college. A special thanks to my Lacrosse-playing students for your help. As with all our pages, readers are invited to email us with suggestions about what would like to see on our site.

You may find links to similar sites. If you are interested in playing in college, you will check out all the information, and visit each link.

High School and College Information and Schedules:

LAX POWER: Schedules, Scores, News, Ratings

Google News Results for Lacrosse

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Videos of College Games

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Find your gear here

Everything About College Athletes: Main Page

College Teams/Clubs

Complete list, by state, of colleges with men's Lacrosse teams

Women's college teams, U.S.

As with all things college, one of the best places to begin your search is The College Board.

Yes, indeed. The very same folks who administer the SATs, have one of the best college sits on-line, (besides Everything About College, of course).

You can search here for just about any aspect of college info you need. Click on the "Sports" tab, and enter your preferences.

Spend some time at the U.s. Department of Education Web Site. A mega-site, with information and searching about every interest or preference you might have: sports, academics, college profiles, the latest in financial aid it!

U.S. Department of Education,

Lacrosse College Recruiting Information

Recruiting and Scholarship Information (NAIA, NCAA)

Lacrosse: Get Recruited to play college sports

D1 College Lacrosse: A college portal, men, women

News and Information, All College Sports

Game Videos, College

All about Financial Aid - stuff you have to know

Everything About College Athletic Scholarships

Everything About College Scholarships, Main Page

Lacrosse College Scholarships

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Everything About College, Main Page

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