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The MBA refers to the degree of Master in Business Administration, and is key to achieving business success in the world today.

The GMAT is the graduate level exam taken by college graduates planning to apply for MBA programs at a college or university, called a "B-School."

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To learn about the GMAT, and register for the exam, visit the MBA-GMAT Web site

Business Week's Insider provides a road map for finding and getting in to the best B-School for you.

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While there are a few schools that do not require the GMAT for admittance to their MBA programs, the majority will require that you take this very competitive test.

Great site for GMAT Study Tips and Help

Google Search: online classes, material for the GMAT

Baroon's GMAT Study Guides: I think Baroon's guides are usually harder than others. This is a good thing.

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