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College Search.


College in your future? Get Started Here.

Check out colleges and universities.

Take virtual tours of your campuses of interest, and look at satellite pictures from Mapquest and Google.

Get a satellite view of Trinity College at Oxford, Google Maps: Oxford from space, United Kingdom

Plan your Searching

  • Think about what you are looking for, and what your needs are- - you don't get carried away by the hype that surrounds some schools.

  • Check out Entry requirements, locations, costs, campus life, and the academic strengths of each school of interest.

  • See what options available to you. If you research thoroughly, you will see that there are many schools that fit your requirements, and you will be able to make informed decisions about which schools might be a good fit for you.

  • Make list of a few things about each school that interests you, and that fit your criteria.

    College Search Engines - all kinds.

  • Search for more than 7,000 U.S. institutions of higher learning at the U.S. Department of Education's HUGE Web site. Find all colleges and universities in the US and its territories.

    Tailor your search criteria to your needs:, including state, program, intended major, religion, distance from home in miles, and more.

    Search four-year schools, two-year schools, career colleges, vocational and technical schools, trade schools, and community colleges.

    Find your dream school: Complete Search Engine for post-high school academic and vocational options

    The College Board. Search on specific criteria, requirements, vast amounts of info

    Search More Colleges

    Apply Now: Admissions Sites for all Public Colleges and Universities in the United States

    Canadian Colleges

    Nursing Programs

    Women's Colleges

    College Consortiums

    Beach Schools

    Near Beach Colleges

    Party Schools

    California Colleges and Universities

    Ski Schools

    Rowing, Crew: Men and Women

    Adult Education

    Community Collage Search

    College for Athletes

    Sites for Minorities

    Financial Aid sites and scholarship sites offer help to all students, and you should study these sources, and sign up and register at our recommended sites. In addition however, there are sites that may be of particular interest to minorities. As always, we try to list only the best, and most helpful resources for our Web site viewers.

    Check out these sites:

    Minority Online Information Service (MOLIS)

    Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    College Rankings - You can get a good education in any of thousands of colleges

    Set up Google Alerts for your Favorite Colleges, or College Topic

    College Virtual Tours

    Check out Mapquest and Google for maps and satelite views of your schools of choice

    Mapquest provides maps, directions, visuals, and navigational downloads to your cell, Blackberry,IPod, and some browsers. Both Google and Mapquest display information about your destination: hotels, gas prices, local businesses and travel and tourist information.



    What do I do first? After that?

    How will I pay for it? Links and all about Financial Aid Pages

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