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Admission Sites for all Private Colleges in Arizona

Private colleges in Arizona, and elsewhere, offer advantages not always available in Public colleges and universities. The costs are generally about twice that of public universities. Do not overlook private schools when applying to college. Apply, and then see what they can offer you in financial aid.

In addition, many private colleges target their education to certain specific areas. Check out Embry Riddle.


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The Art Center Design College, Tucson

Chaparral College, now called Brown Mackie College, a for-profit college.

Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus, Main Campus: Florida

Grand Canyon University

International Babtist University, Chandler

Phoenix Seminary

Prescott College

Southwestern College, Phoenix

The World University

Admission Sites for all Arizona Public Colleges and Universities

Apply Here: ADMISSION Sites for all U.S. Public COlleges and UniversitiesP>

Graduate Institutes

A. T. Still University, Osteopathic University, Mesa

Midwestern University

Phoenix School of Law

Thunderbird School of Global Management

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