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Admission Sites for all Private Colleges in Alabama


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Amridge University, Montgomery

Birmingham–Southern College

Concordia College, Selma

Faulkner University, Montgomery

Heritage Christian University, Florence

Huntingdon College, Montgomery,

Judson College, Marion

Miles College

Oakwood University, Huntsville

Samford University

Selma University

Southeastern Bible College

Spring Hill College

Stillman College

Talladega College Tuskegee University

United States Sports Academy University of Mobile

A word about "For Profit" Colleges

These colleges are a huge asset to those seeking targeted, career path education, and JOBS. We should incorporate some of the practices of these schools into our (failing) straditional educational systems.

The Obama Administration is trying to hamper their ability to provide education,which is targeted to lead to employment, because they charge for their services. I guess it's that education here leads to actual jobs that this administration does not like.

Minorities in particular are well served by these institutions, but their success rate in serving all who attend is well documented.

These schools are examples of the success of business and free enterprise in America.

Virginia College, For-profit,

Out of State Institutions with Alabama Locations

Herzing University, Birmingham

ITT Technical Institute, Birmingham (For Profit)

Remington College, Mobile

South University, Montgomery

Strayer University, Birmingham and Huntsville

University of Phoenix, (For Profit) Birmingham


Admission Sites, Alabama Public Colleges and Universities

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