Teacher Recommendations

Teacher recommendations are the same as academic recommendations and the procedure is the same.

The distinction is that not all academic recommendations need to be from teachers. Other sources may be coaches, employers, heads of volunteer organizations with which you have been involved.

Many high schools have procedures for students to follow in obtaining recommendations from their teachers. Ask at the counseling office.

Go here for all you need to know and do for teacher and academic recommendations: Teacher/Academic Recommendations

Many of the schools requiring academic and teacher recommendations use the Common Application.

This online (or paper copy) application process is used by almost five hundred colleges and universities in the United States. Most of the institutions are private. Check out the site to see if yuor colleges of interest are listed.

The site contains everything you need to apply to these schools including teacher recommendation forms, counselor forms, and school reports.

You will be required to write an essay of 250 words or more, and that one essay will be submitted to each school you select. In addition, some of the colleges may require a supplemental (short) application. All this info is available at the site.

As always, I recommend printing out a paper copy to practice on and then submitting your application online. Also, print out a copy of every application you send, either from the Common APP site, or from other schools.

Click here for Academic,/Teacher Recommendations

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