There are hundreds of online sites for finding scholarships. You don't need them; you only need a few good ones.

Hunting for scholarships takes time, but garners tremendous benefits for you.

Be organized, focused, and motivated, and you can win at this game.


Read about Scams and Rip-off Schemes

  • works from a profile you fill out, and matches you up with scholarships from a huge database.

  • FastWeb is a large database, continually updated, with email updates to registered users, and matching related to that profile. The "profile" component is why we recommend registering at several sites, perhaps listing different career paths, interests.

    Unlike most other databases, FastWeb also offers consumer products, contests, in its listings.Just ignore them unless they are of interest to you, your main purpose here is to look for money.

    College Board Scholarship Finder

    Sallie Mae - a lender of some disrepute these days, but a GREAT source of scholarships and info about college funding

    U.S. Depratment of Education - Huge Sites - all about paying for college

    The Scholarship Coach

  • Information-packed site about how to finance college without loans.
    This site, the information on it, and the book from which it all emanated, is very helpful. It demystifies the entire college money game, has a huge array of awards you can apply for, has hundreds of links, and practical information and how-tos on every facet of finding, applying, and winning financial awards.

    Don't forget to check out the Coaches Locker Room.

    Scholarship 101

    Go College Databases Search


    A comprehensive site for college bound students. It offers a college search, a large database of award possibilities.

    All Scholar

    Hispanic Scholarships

  • Search for Scholastic Awards for Hispanics

    Free search & financial aid information resource, connecting students & parents with college funding opportunities.

    Search 1000 Scholarships for Military or Dependents

  • Great site for the Military Community
    Find millions of dollars in financial help for college exclusively for the military community! Select your search criteria at the site.

    You and you dependents have great military education benefits. Learn about great schools and programs that can help you reach your goals.

    Sean Hannity raises money for funds to provide college educations for the children of U.S. Military, as does Glen Beck. Check them out.

    Scholarship Resource Network


  • The Club Scholarship Scholarship Search over 500,000 awards in a searchable database that allows users to browse for the best matches for undergrads and graduate students.

    It also has a college search engine.

    Petersons Scholarships

  • Petersons Scholarships Search

    A complete financial aid site: free money, awards, info on state-based aid, student loans, and college based awards.

    Don't miss this one.

    Molis Scholastic Awards and Fellowships

  • Molis: Minority Scholarships

    Site with awards for Japanese, Native Americans, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Chinese-American, Portuguese, African American, Hispanics, and Asians and Alaskan Natives.

    The list is huge. No matter where your ancestors came from, check this out.

    VISIT FASTAID- It claims to be the largest private site in the world

    FAST AID Scholarships

    The largest private sector free money database in the world. 20 years of scholastic awards research, Constantly updated.

    You will find opportunities here that you won't find anywhere else! Cool Site.

    MACH 25

    Mach 25, Search on key words or profiles

    College NET MACH 25: free web version of the Wintergreen/Orchard House Scholarship Finder and claims to have some 500,000 private sector awards in its database.

    Most awards appear to be geared toward students with very specific demographic information.

    EduPrep -college solutions network

    EduPrep-a part of CSNAmerica, large database

    Part of a large financial site, with comprehensive information on college financing.

    This site has financial advice for every kind of college loan, award, or scholarship, with a large database for awards.


    Free or Cheap Text books. Save thousands over four years

    Save money in college

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