Native Americans and College - Get Going!

Native Americans make up the smallest percentage of college-bound students in the United States. I do not have figures for Canada. I would like to help and encourage you to investigate their possibilities for higher education.

The following topics require your interest:

  • Grades
  • Test Scores
  • High School Activities
  • Financial Aid

    The following links explain each of of these concepts in detail:

    What do I have to do? When?

    Homeschoolers and College Admissions

    College Admissions Exams


    Extracurricular Activities

    Financial Aid for Everyone

    Special sites of Interest for Americans Indians

    List and Links - Tribal Colleges

    Interesting and Informative article on Education and American Indian Children

    Special College Resources for you on the Web

    Specific Financial Aid and Scholarship Sites

    American Indian College Fund

    Na. Amer: - College Scholarships, Fellowships, Post Docs

    Finaid: Aid for N.A. students. Smart Student Guide

    Achieve Big Dreams, The Educational Endowment for Higher Education

    College Financing for Minorities

    Minority Students

    Scholarship sources for minorities


    Special Collegiate and Professional Societies for you

    American Indian Science and Engineering Society

    American Chemical Society Scholarships for Minoritites

    American Indian Institute, Continuing Education


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