Important Forms

Links to all the college admissions forms you need for your applications and financial aid processes.

By the way: I recommend downloading copies of all forms to fill out for practice before filling out and submitting online. In addition, keep a paper copy of every application you send to a college or university.

I. Financial Aid Forms

Start Here: FAFSA Form, CSS Profile...

II. College Applications Forms

Close to five hundred colleges, mostly private schools, use the Common Application. This means you fill out one application, write one essay, and send off to each of the colleges of your choice on the list. Follow directions, download paper copies of all the parts of the applications to practice on, and check the "supplement" requirements for your school of choice.

Each of these colleges has its own application, but why not use the "Common Application"?

The Common Application, download PDF copy

Many times colleges requiring recommendations have their own academic recommendation forms. Many schools, especially public colleges and universities, do not require recommendations. Common Application Academic Rec Forms

Teacher Recommendations

III. College Admissions Pages for Public Universities in the U.S.

California Colleges and Universities

Get Campus Housing ASAP

Get in, and then Get Housing

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