College Writing - Get ready, because I can tell you, you are not ready. Don't depend on high school classes to teach you to write.

English Writing: A deficiency you can't hide.

These days you largely have to be self-taught. Our sinking educational system is letting you down. One of the areas in in the teaching of English.

Did you:

  • Have teacher who seldom, if ever, required that you write essays?

  • Write essays that were never graded or handed back?

  • Did you have teachers who did not insist on adherence to the rules of writing, and to the task of learning English grammar and sentence, paragraph construction?

  • Have teachers who graded you on editorial content, rather than writing ability? (Get used to this; in college today grading on editorial content is widespread, and usually requires a buy-in in to a far left-wing agenda.)

  • Are you aware that your writing is most likely below the level you need for college performance?


    Test yourself

  • Reflect on your SAT Essay scores and compare them to high schools grades in English writing.

  • Enroll in a Community College beginning writing class.

    Enroll in Distant education writing classes.

  • Analyze your reading habits, and the quality of what you read. Does your choice of reading material enhance your ability to write with depth and critical reading skills?

  • In California, and other states with English proficiency testing, compare your scores on standardized tests with high school English grades. Are they consistent indicators of your writing ability?