College Consortiums? Never heard of 'em. Are they good for me?

College consortiums allow college and university students greater access to resources beyond their own school. Consortiums, or partnerships, enable students access to libraries, classes, educational programs, and professors of the other schools in the consortia.

In addition, the consortium may share various programs like study-abroad, thus offering you a wider range of programs and opportunities than one school can provide. or may provide reciprocity to programs one school in the group may offer that are not available at another.

Probably the most significant consortium benefit for students is the ability to enroll in classes on the other campuses.

Most, but not all, consortiums are arranged between schools in the same geographical region in the United states. There are exceptions: for instance The University of California at Santa Cruz has agreements with Hampshire College in Massachusetts.

The lists and memberships of consortiums change yearly, so always check with the registrar's office, or admissions department of any school about their arrangements with other colleges.

The Association for Consortium Leadership, a nonprofit organization, promotes professional development, resource sharing, and program enhancement.

The Association for Consortium Leadership

"The Association for Consortium Leadership (ACL), is a national association that provides a forum for higher education professionals involved in cooperative programs. ACL provides guidance in creating and strengthening partnerships whose members include colleges and universities.

In addition to higher education institutions, these partnerships frequently incorporate government agencies, businesses, K-12 schools, and other non-profit organizations.

The Association for Consortium Leadership has members located throughout the United States. ACL is the only organization of its kind that focuses entirely on cooperation in higher education and provides in-service opportunities to its members." (ACL web site)

Consortiums of United States Colleges

(This list keeps growing.)

  • California Partnerships

  • Claremont Consortium

    Colleges of the Fenway (COF). Six neighboring colleges in the Boston area.

  • Partnerships in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC

  • Midwestern Consortiums

  • Southeastern College Consortiums

  • New England Consortiums

    Search GOOGLE for Consortiums


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