Adult Education Financial Aid

Adult education Financial aid refers to any form of money you receive either as a loan, a grant, or a scholarship. Each university has its own financial aid office, and they handle the administrative end of your financial aid package.

If you intend to apply for loans, you will need to become informed about the world of financial aid. Loans need to be paid back, usually starting at about six months after graduation.

Your introduction to the world of Financial Aid will start with The FAFSA, (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

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First look for Scholarships: Free Money

When discussing adult education financial aid, I always discuss scholarships first, since that is free money, and the more you can find, the less your burden of debt will be after college.

Scholarship searching is like a part time job; it takes time and effort, but the rewards are directly proportional to the effort one expends. Some require essays, and some only require that you fill out a form.

Scholarship searches by high school students headed for college have age restrictions, but scholarships for those already in college do not. Therefore scholarship search techniques used by students in college will also work for older students, adults/non-traditional students.

Some universities offer scholarships specifically for adult learners. You can find these listed on each school's Web site. In addition, Internet searches will lead you to others. Universities and colleges that offer "distance learning", "online degree" programs, or other programs aimed at adults and other non-traditional students are excellent places to begin your search.

Other likely sources include colleges with large commuter populations, or colleges or technical schools with mostly adult students.

Adults can find scholarships with special features not generally found in other awards, such as scholarships for adults who have unusual financial obligations. These extra obligations might include providing support for at least one dependent, such as a single parent.

While you should look for awards, grants, and scholarships targeted for adult learners, don't forget to search scholarship sources for all college students.

Look in your Community

There are many sources in your own community for scholarships, and many people don't know to look for them.

  • Service Organizations: Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Clubs, Soroptomist Clubs, and many others. Look through the phone book.

  • Local Newspapers

  • Churches: Ask the national organization of your particular religion if they offer scholarships. Ask your local church if they offer any sort of financial help for members of the congregation.

  • Look on the message boards at your local community college, they frequently have information on scholarships for students continuing on in school.

  • Employers: Great source for adult education financial aid. Many companies will pay college tuition up to a certain amount per year for employees who wish to take classes related to the company or their position. Some companies give scholarships for employees or their children.

  • Your labor union

  • Local Businesses: You might find some of this information at your local Chamber of Commerce.

  • Library: Public libraries offer extensive information about the community. Check their shelves for local information. In addition, check their resource catalog, or your local bookstores for books about scholarships. Even with the wealth of information on the Web, there are still worthwhile printed sources of scholarship information.

  • Many professional organizations offer scholarships for students who wish to enter their field.

  • State and federal government aid programs: You will find state government educational information on each state or territory's Web site: for federal government information a good place to start is the U.S. Department of Education Web site.

    The Internet: Your very own private library

    The latest in financial aid information,,,

    The Scholarship Main Page is a complete resource for scholarship searching. Start with and sign up for notifications by email of scholarships that fit your profile, for which you might apply.

    We have selected and listed the best scholarship sites online for you to investigate. Fill out the information forms on their sites and be diligent about following up with scholarship applications.

    Loans, Grants and Other Forms of Financial Aid

    Financial aid, in the form of loans, grants, fellowships and grants and scholarships are available to all college students regradless of age. Some money is specifically for high school students planning on entering college, and can be defined by age or year in school.

    Other money may be available to upperclassmen of any age. In addition there are programs specifically for Adult Education financial aid. You will find these sources within any information about financial aid for college students.

    When looking for Adult Education financial aid, however, be sure and look for any special programs that may exist.

    A good place to start this search is with your state's Department of Education.

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