Steps to Adult College Admissions


  • Your first task for Adult College Admissions is to gather information about testing that will give you college credit, search colleges, careers

    Apply Here: Admissions' Sites for all Public Colleges and Universities in the United States

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    Get ready for the college applications process

  • Begin to assemble your personal college applications portfolio.

  • Learn about tests that will be useful to you in getting extra credits for earlier graduation.

  • Register online with your email address at any colleges that interest you.

  • Call the admissions departments and discuss your plans with a counselor. Ask about adult college admissions and applications, and requirements.

  • Make appointments, if necessary, to meet with an admissions counselor to fit your background to the school's requirements and learn about tests that will give you credits.

  • During the appointment ask how you are to indicate testing results and work and life credits on your application

  • Obtain Applications - These can be downloaded, or you can request that they be mailed to you.

    • Colleges have their own applications, and in addition almost 400 colleges use "The Common Application", which allows you to fill out one application, write one essay, and send the application to as many schools as you wish. You do, however, pay for each school to which you apply, just as you do with all college applications.

      The Common Application

    • All applications will require that you enter your self-reported grades from previous schools, sometimes including high school.

    • You will be required to have any previous transcripts mailed to the college.

    • Some schools ask for personal or academic recommendations.

    • Many applications require one or more personal essays:

      The Application Essay.

    • For information about writing the essay, and a list of essay topics, click here: Common Essay Topics for adult college admissions applications

    • The main purpose of the essay is to show who you are beyond grades and test scores.

    • It must be as grammatically perfect as you can make it.

    • Have someone else read it to catch any mistakes.
  • Some colleges require an in-person interview: The College Admisssions Interview

    Getting in. What do I do first?

    Learn about safety and security on college campuses

    Adult Education Financial Aid

    Begin to learn about financial aid

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