Latest News from The UC System. (University of California

The UC System consists of ten campuses, one of which, UCSan Francisco, is for graduate school only.

Constantly newsworthy, this page will present the latest news and legislative action, concerning the University of California.

When legislation affects the ability of California residents, who are qualified applicants to our public universities, to be admitted, I freely admit to concern over the actions of state legislatures, Gov. Brown, and and academic institutions.

Latest news at the top of the list.

SAT Scores of Admitted UC Students for Fall, 2016.

Politics and Education

UC Students may be asked to declare sexual orientation at time of acceptance

Dream Acts I, and II

Dream Act I gives illegals access to the same funding, lending, and free money sources as is available to citizens. Funded by the taxpayers, this includes the Cal Grant (free money). Dream Act II, Free tuition for illegals, 30 K per year at the UCs.

California Assembly passes free tuition for illegals bill - taxpayer pays

Holistic Admissions: The UC System gets around ban on Affirmative Action

Holistic Admissions at the University of California

Diversity and Inclusion at the UC System

As California falls further into debt, and taxes rise, questions are being asked about the costs, both to taxpayers and to academic programs, of expanding already expensive and elaborate "diversity and inclusion" bureaucracies at the UC Campuses.

While student fees have risen again, costs are escalating, and academic programs are being cut or eliminated.

There are complaints by college professors that the universities are losing professors to institutions in other states in such fields as cancer research, while tacking on millions in expenses to increase the number of departments and personnel at each UC Campus (and Cal State) campus that encourages "Diversity."


The UC System has long been the champion of diversity, and goes out of its way to admit under-qualified minorities. No one thinks diversity is lacking on the campuses here.

Following the 2016 Election, it became obvious, particularly at the Berkeley Campus, that any opinions or statements that disagreed with those of the of the Leftists students on campus would not be tolerated. UC Blasted for Diversity over Excellence

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