Table of Contents: 246 Page Complete College Admissions Resourcd

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Pre-college Planning

Junior Year Roadmap, Print this out and pin it on your wall.

Senior Year Calendar: Print this pin it up above your desk

SATs, ACT, SAT Subject Matter


The Common Application for about 500 (Mostly) Private Schools

Over 700 mostly private colleges and universities use the Common Application.You can write one essay, fill out one application, and send these off your schools of choice who use this excellent process.

The Common App forms include everything you for all steps of the admissions process including forms for academic recommendations, mid-term academic reports, counselor recs, and everything else.

The Common Application process has gotten a bit more involved in the past two years. Many of the colleges using the Common APP now have essay additional essay requirements of their own on their supplemental forms. These range from a few answers of 150 words each, to separate essays of 500 or more words. These additional essay requirements ask different questions than those on the Common Application.

Save everything you write in case you can recycle.

Incoming freshmen, transfer students applications.

The Common Application, Apply Online, (Mostly, but not only, Private Colleges

Admissions Web Sites for Public Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

We are re-doing the information on this page to make it more efficient and more easily accessible.

Please follow the link below to go to the admissions pages for all public colleges and universities in the United States.

Apply Here: Admissions pages for all public colleges and universities in the U.S.

California Colleges

California State University System

University of California

Schools for Performing Arts

Adult education

Online Coleges

Distance Learning

Financial Aid

Financial Aid, Main Page and Index

Everything About College Home

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