THE LSAT: Shakespeare didn't like lawyers, but we love you when we need you.

For Law School, you need the LSAT, and you need to make the highest score possible. Competition is tough.

The Exam is administered by the Law School Admissions Council

What is the LSAT?

The Law School Admission Test is a half-day standardized test required for admission to all ABA-approved law schools, most Canadian law schools, and many non-ABA-approved law schools. It provides a standard measure of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools can use as one of several factors in assessing applicants. The test is administered four times a year at hundreds of locations around the world.

Many law schools require that the exam be taken by December for admission the following fall. However, taking the test earlier—in June or October—is often advised.


Almost all ABA-approved law schools also require that you register for the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS). To find out if you are required to register for LSDAS, see LSDAS Candidate Requirements.




The registration fee for the test is $118. If you meet certain criteria, you may qualify for an LSAT fee waiver. Late registrants must pay an additional $60.

If you register for a specific test during the regular registration period, you are not eligible for late registration for that same administration. Once you have registered for a test during the regular registration period, you may not withdraw or cancel your registration and re-register for that same test during the late registration period.

2006-2007 Law School Admissions Test Administration Dates

Regular Administrations

  • Monday, June 12, 2006
  • Saturday, September 30, 2006
  • Saturday, December 2, 2006
  • Saturday, February 10, 2007*

  • Saturday Sabbath Observers

  • Tuesday, October 3, 2006*
  • Monday, December 4, 2006*
  • Monday, February 12, 2007*

Learn More and sign up for the LSAT

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Accomodated Testing

Accommodated testing may be available if you have a documented disability and are registered to take the test.

Accommodations may be available to individuals with documented disabilities who are registered to take the Law School Admissions Test. Please be aware that submission of the Accommodations Request Packet does not guarantee testing accommodations. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis on the documentation submitted.

Accommodated testing. Documented disability? check LSAT here

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